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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This is who I am ...

In so Many way's....I know who I am.
yet I know the learning will never stop.
I have come to realize, That being a mom, is what brought my
self-esteem full circle, many years ago!
GOSH, how I loved being a mom to my young family!
A Mom and homemaker!
That was Me!
But were I have been brought, at this point in my life...well...
My children and grandchildren are far away...why?
I always know there has to be a reason...
And I realized it!
Now is my time to find out 'The rest of me'
who I am... without the 'mom' roll!
who I am without a home!
I am Peggy...
and at 51 I have still much to learn!
But I can say, this song...fits me...
through all these years...
this has been me in so many ways...not all, but most of this song :)
who I am? well that will always be a work in progress...
But I do know,
I will follow...were my creator takes me,
when I follow, that is when the greatest gift's occur.
The journey is on-going...
but I am learning to embrace who I am, separate and apart from
anyone else!
Learning to EMBRACE ME! that is huge!
Remember, we are all created different and unique!
two of us alike...that would be boring.
always always always...
Embrace your own unique soul!


  1. Oh my dear friend,
    To see these photographs of you makes my heart sing. What a gorgeous setting. What a gorgeous young woman with a spirit that pops right out of those pictures. And that song..."you were born to dance to the beat of your own heart." Finding that beat, getting to know yourself and love yourself like He loves you, is so important. Yes, you were and are an amazing Mom and I also truly believe that God has brought this part of your journey for healing and renewal. For you to see you the way He sees you. For you to appreciate who you are the way He appreciates who you are. Not an easy journey for sure, but a freeing journey. a peace-giving journey, and courage- making journey.

    Thank you so much for sharing your authentic self and your story of trust in the Lord. I am so,so proud of you. You have a HUGE heart and are a blessing to all of us who love you.

    Sending you, dear soul-sis, huge hugs and loves and prayers...always prayers!

  2. Hi Sweet soul sis,
    Thinking about you today and missing you. Keeping you in my prayers every day!
    You are amazing and I am so blessed to have you in my life! May god grant yo His peace and a knowing that you are truly loved!!

    Loves and hugs and prayers!

  3. Peggy,
    I was so, so happy to see you on my latest post. Just to know you were okay gave such peace to my heart. I have missed you, dear soul sis. Sending you loves and hugs and prayers this morning!! Asking the Lord to hold you tight that you might know His presence.

  4. Hi Peggy,
    Sending you hugs and loves and prayers tonight! I am so grateful that you are my friend. Thank you for your prayers!
    God Bless!


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