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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Update on 1920's Bungalow Living room and Branch hanging lamp

I could in some ways call these pics before and after, But I think its more the Progress of the 1920's Bungalow at this point. I don't yet know how to put links into my post. But you can scroll down and see Pic's of this 1920's Bungalow we purchased and are going to turn it into the cutest lil rental home. Our daughter and Grandson are our first renters.

Due to space we came up with the cutest idea...a hanging lamp from the branches of a dead tree that we took down in the back yard.

The lamp serves two purposes. One to give light to that corner of the room. And two the corners need trim! the people who dry walled the corner's did a very poor job. As we are fixing the roof and porch we improvise on the inside until my husband can get to it. This room is done on a budget. The lamp came from the dollar store for only $6 and the hanging kit cost $12.00 we held it in place with twine and then twined down the cord so it would blend.

It lights up this corner and add's light to the pictures. My daughters taste run's a bit different then mine. But she does love some of the older things. I told her she could hang crystals from the branches by the light to add some bling and sparkle!

Here is the livingroom 'BEFORE' we did can see the left corner by the T.V needs help. Painting this room with its 10 ft ceilings was quiet the chore. there was also different colored paint on all the trim! so all that needed to be painted as well. See how dark the right corner of the room was. There is a wonderful big tree that shades this side of the house most of the day!

And this is after! we picked a neutral beige color that would go with many decors. with this room being small, it made the room bigger and yes, brighter.


And after, sigh this pic came out blurry and I was unaware.

So much brighter and lighter. 

We switched out the glass coffee table. it was under the window in one of the before pics. it was NOT 'lil man friendly'. My grandson is all boy and when he leaned the glass went off!!! and well it was like a huge danger zone. because this is a small cottage livingroom I found a bench I thought was perfect...for this space. Then we added a vase filled with seashells and clear stones.

My grandson thought it was perfect for this space... Yeah!

We decided to go with a subtle beach cottage feel. this in part was due to the curtains we found. they are called 'Tropical beach' and come from Walmart. In hunting for curtains in a budget friendly price range I was dissapointed in the selection available...these spoke to us...and so the decor changed to fit. 

We added Branches behind the T.V as well. I had a wonderful idea to hang snapshots on these branches. By simply punching a hole in the corner and then using twine to hang them from the branches. (this is my daughters I can only suggest :) I also told her that it could be alot of fun to choose seasonal snapshots. Like fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring, etc etc  Branches are a fun way to decorate...and there free!

This was a wonderful 'find' it is the actual wooden round a big Brick of cheese comes in. Made into a lil end table. I added a lil fall decor below.

Just a lil added Holiday theme. My daughter tends to lean towards, white's and red's, blacks and browns.

I fell in love with these hearts made from a old quilt. They were only $1 each :)

So much contrasting color...this is before...

Now more neutrals....I like this so much better!

I think this was a major improvement! A close up at the tropical beach curtains and the basket for magazines...and did you notice My grandson's frog...he seems happier as well in this space.

Thanks for stopping by. Now we need to get to work on the master bedroom. It is a lavender room at this moment :)

Have a wonderful Saturday! 

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  1. Oh, how I love those hearts made from old quilts! I would have bought a few, too! And I have 2 red sofas in my living room. It seems like they look nice with any color! Love your new...neutrals! It really gives a fresh clean look! Sweet hugs!


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