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Monday, February 16, 2015

A one of a kind cardboard 'Barbie dream house' for under $10

When I am creating...everything else goes away!

My lil Poppie (Dutch for Dolly)
my Brunette lil princess looking 4 yr old granddaughter
wanted a barbie dream house.

Her Nana is now on a very tight budget...but one day at work
I saw box's

and I smiled and thought..,I can make her one!
the elevator was very important...because
the Barbie dream house has one..but it cost like $149.00

I realized with rope...I could create a elevator!

It works! and holds on it's own.
I work at a hardware store and
well everyone got involved as they 
saw my imagination run wild.....

Everything created out of box's from work!
The downstairs living room and Kitchen.
I used Mog podge and fabric...
I so love mod podge!

Lil toss pillows on the couch!

I found plastic measuring spoons and the thrift store.
they were perfect for sinks and toilets!
and wire became the faucets and handles :)

Yes, this Barbie dream house has a toilet!

everything was thing's I had in my creative bag!

The upstairs, master suite :)

A princess bed..with vintage lace and even a lil chenille throw!

Nana's chandelier's became better as she learned to create them out of beads
and wire and little plastic circles.

Carpets were made from felt. I lightly sprayed paint the box's inside and out.
I  would have used more spray paint had I had it!
and I would of edged things..but this Nana was 
on a budget!

The lil mirrors I found in our town...
they were perfect and only cost $2

I spent approx. 12 hours on this "homemade one of a kind, Barbie dream house"

This Nana wanted her dream to come true!

The top is a outdoor patio
My camera battery died. I never got pic's of the patio
area finished...but there are chairs up there...
and barbie loves to hang there with her
ken :) 

I guess the real Prof was when I delivered it! My Poppie with her 
eye's big as saucers said, Nana, you made me MY Barbie dream house!
she plays with our 5 yr old grandson. Her Cousin M.
he takes his Ninjas to play with Barbie!
and even tho it was for both to play with
our MJ now wants Nana to build him something...
the other day...
I spotted some box's...
and the vivid imagination of this Nana
saw what these box's could become.
it is a much simpler project..
and we are almost done with it!

Meanwhile the bathtub above in the barbie dream house,
did get water put into it! But my Poppies Momma
caught her and it dried out real well!
But that means, in her mind
it is all REAL
and that is what this Nana wanted for her!

This Nana's head is full of things...and so I am
working on a dream...
something I have never done.
something I saw in my mind...and that
still small voice whispered..."Do it"
I am sculpturing...
something I never new I could do...

and I am thrilled that so far...we are doing it...
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can
just a tiny sneak preview

This is only a ruff in...I worked on kneck and torso and Male
definition...but I can say...since I have never done this before...
I am pleased with the start of this Project :)
much more to go :)

This is My Poppie looking in the mirror
at a bridal's blurry but well... It says it all!
love this lil princess of mine. 

And here we are swinging!
The creative side...allows for GOOD day's
when my soul fly Free's
and I am so grateful for those days.
for this journey has also hard day's
in facing myself and wondering...and learning why
I allowed so much for so long...
Thanks for stopping by...
love to hear from you! 


  1. The amount of whimsy and creativity you put into this, well it simply is mind blowing! Do you know, I put the barbie dream house on my Christmas wish list one year- with not much of anything else, and I got it? It was so expensive even then. And, sad to say, I barely played with it, much as I loved my barbies. It didn't work with them very well- they didn't really fit! I never asked for anything like that again- the guilt I felt was immense.

    But this? This is the stuff dreams are made of! Every little detail you constructed- oh my- the vision for what you can do! Beautiful work, friend. And to see your Poppie- is just too precious for words. Love, love, love this, Peggy Sue- and you!!

  2. Vicky, its so funny you said-'They didn't fit' I remember that as well :) so I made sure they fit in this one...!!! that's why she filled the bathrub with water..ha ha ha! thank you for your comment. It was fun to do :) It made me happy as much as it made her happy! love you Vicky!

  3. My dear sweet Peggy Sue.
    YOU ARE AMAZING! This Barbie house is beyond compare. The little details are so precious, just like you and your Poppie. Your creativity and vintage side just blossomed as you did this for her, your precious sweet granddaughter. I love the furniture and elevator.

    She will never forget this and it will mean so much more than any Barbie House bought at a store. You made this just for her. A forever memory. Great job, Nana. :)

    And the sculpting...wonderful. I love that you are stretching and trying new things. Listening to that voice..."just try it."

    Sending you so much love and so many prayers, little soul sis!
    To the moon and back!


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