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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Once upon a time, I owned a Boutique.....

'The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident'

In 2005 I remodeled a home. There was a little extra cash...
that still small voice said, 'you must invest it'.
Invest it in what, I thought?
another home? it was not enough was just a drop in the bucket.
What I new was, I needed a way to make money, The cost of having
teens, groceries and back to school things...

Had you told me earlier in the year that I would Own a Boutique...
well I would have laughed so hard and said,
"Are you kidding me?!!!"

That is how our creator works. He knows the plans he has for us...
I was clueless, yet he new all along.

As I was thinking, what? what? what? 
A flyer came in the mail...
a consignment store I brought my clothing too...was selling her business.
The price?
the exact amount of 'lil extra' I had!
the moment I saw the flyer, I new! I was to buy this.

HOWEVER, even tho I had taken
all the paper work and passed
it by my accountant.
After it was legally mine.
I found out,
there was dishonesty.

OH MY! I found books that owed people.
Her personal policy was IF you didn't pick up your money
within 60 days it reverted to the business. (what about Mailing the money? what about phone calls?
this was on a small fine print 'noone had ever read'.
the list of people...was long and huge!
This is also Illegal. I called to find out the rules in our state. 
I had $38 on the books..that was no longer mine!
So what did I do?
angry women coming in...all of us clueless till i found this book!
I did what is right.
I paid them!

I worked 6 days a week not making a dime!
I paid each and every one of them.
Some were content with just shopping for what they had on the books.
Some took there anger and frustration out on me...and I smiled and paid them!
within 3 months I realized this was not a good business...
I had to change it...
I decided I wanted to have all NEW all the high brands for less...
but how does one find that market?
I posted signs and  ad's in the paper.
WE would no longer be consignment.
We would be all new with mall brands and high brands for less!


 I had NOT found that market yet.
I spent hours searching and looking.
I had advertised, I new I had to do this. And I trusted and prayed.
and then one night...
a break through...
I literally jumped up and down I was 
SO excited...for at this moment..

Serendipity Lane Boutique
was born!
(due to the loss in that first 6 tax return..was the same amount
as what I paid for the business...If that isn't 'God' watching out for
me. I don't know what else you could call it...
honesty pays off...No matter that I had been taken...
I choose to be honest...
and the gift came back in spades...
I moved the business into a bigger place...all the above pictures are from
were we landed and really thrived!

The economy took it's downward trend...but I now
had what people wanted.  Business closed all around me.
I survived.
(one of the brands I carried was Victoria's secreat. what you found is fashions
not the bra's and panties.)
Then the bridal shop in the valley that had been there for 25 years!
closed her doors. How my heart broke  for her!
She came to me,"Please, take over the Tux rentals or all the High schools
in the valley would have to travel 60 minutes to rent
a tux for dances".

So I did!

We added more space onto the Boutique

I don't have all the pictures I would like
to show of the space and the Boutique and just how full it got.
Those pictures are on disc and my old desk top.

But I will share some of our fashion's
I had a GF who was breaking out into photography. She took pictures
of my grand babies and girls for practice. Then she took
pictures of girls from our area in clothing from the shop and we hung those in the shop!
the girls Loved being models.
This also got her started and people could see her talent. She now she has a successful
"All about a girl" Photography business.

She also has an amazing blog and her pictures won awards!
you will fall utterly in love with her home, her before and after pictures
well heck...her whole blog!

 her photography is out of this world with
color and clarity!

Girl's in our bridal and formal fashion's

The girl's always had so much fun!

A summer time shoot!
everything they have on, came from the and sunglasses
flip flops and boots :)

and always 'FUN'

Isn't this just a awesome picture to show off our formal shoes!

Valentines Day :)

St. Patricks Day!


Fall and winter...

Fall and winter again :)

and Christmas...

Such fun it was...and YES a whole lot of work...
but it grew and it was a utter gift! 

We Also did a fashion show at the Bridal show
these pictures I took :)

This is my Mom. she worked for me, along with 2 other women.
up until the week before she passed away..she would say, "I miss Serendipity,
it was so fun to work there"...
In some ways the Boutique also blessed our relationship.

We had bridal wear as well as formal and casual in our
fashion show.
the girls behind the scene.

 Here they are right before the show started.

When I saw this young lady in the shop...
she had that girl next door look...with no make up she had the smile with
a crinkly nose and well...natural beauty.
she started here (admitting she would like to get into modeling)
and she worked at it...she just recently flew to New York
Silver Model management
picked her up for under armour
fitness shots.

 Here she is :)

and here. She  was also in the above picture for the shop,
one of the girls on the big log.

but she can be captured in anything...
check this picture out below

follow your dreams.... she did!

This was our first Bride and groom!
these couples were just to cute!

Pretty pretty Bride :)

This was our second Bride and Groom
these two...are to sweet!

This couple and the first couple...well they are actual couples!
boyfriend and girlfriends!

This was our last and Finale Bridal party.
we show cased everything according to cost.
Remember everything came from the Boutique.
if I remember correctly
everything  you see here, Jewelry, shoes, veil, dress's tiara and tux
this whole wedding party cost

I fell in love with these shoes!

These Brides maids dress's were only $35.00

and this gown was under $300

I shared my Once upon a time...because
that still small voice is speaking.
 I have a business Idea,
a bit different then above.
but in time...
I think I can, I think I can..I think I can

People would ask, "Peggy, how did you make this dream happen".
that would take my by surprise. It was never a dream.
It was always
A God gift 
for he new then, what the needs were.
and I learned to love and appreciate women more.
one life touches another...always
I think in the end...
it was a gift for all of us who worked there.
and customers and workers
we all gifted
each other.
That then SAY'S IT ALL.
thanks for stopping by.
would love to hear from you! 


  1. Oh my sweet friend,
    What an amazing post with fantastic pictures. :) The striking models. the clothes, the photo shoots. A fantastic idea that YOU brought to life.I especially loved seeing the picture of your Mom. :)

    Thanks for sharing the story of how you payed everyone back. So like you! I love that you shared all of these and how God helped make your dream a reality. Isn't He amazing that way!! I am holding you up in prayer knowing that He has another God-sized dream for you. You are smart, creative, artistic and oh so talented, dear Peggy Sue.

    Sending you love and hugs and prayers, dear friend. Always prayers!

  2. I'm blown away from the sheer talent you possess! You are a business woman and entrepreneur amongst so many other talents you have. I also loved seeing this trip through the years- the photo of your mom- and seeing you living your dreams! I believe, just like Linda, that the next dream is just around the corner from you. Just keep believing!! Love you- praying for you!

  3. Hi Sweet Peggy Sue,
    You have been on my mind and heart this weekend and I have been asking God to heal your
    heart and give you a new sense of His presence. Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I think we have both been in a hurry and it is time to take a breath and slow down just a bit.
    Know that you are deeply loved and cherished, dear friend.

    Loves, hugs and prayers, always prayers.

  4. Beautiful friends, thank you for you!! your words and prayer's are held tight in my heart and mind...and so needed. love to you both!

  5. Miss you, dear friend,
    I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. If you get a chance, email me and let me now how you are. Love you to the moon and back!

  6. Oh I haven't looked through the boutique pictures in so long, Peggy! What fun we had. I miss those days.
    As far as your brides and grooms....couple number one (my handsome boy) had a parting of the ways, which I think was harder for me than either of them! And couple number two are actually engaged!!! So exciting.
    Can't wait to see what your next adventure will be.

  7. What fun we had indeed!!! It was fun Teresa..i think had my life not been so chaotic I could of enjoyed it even more...and that has me thinking but it would be "so me" the next time would be so shabby sheik so well....lets wait and see what happens! xoxox (Yes I miss it all)


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