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Monday, March 30, 2015

I Believe that Heaven is alot like 'Mayberry'

 What is 'Mayberry' ?
Andy Griffin was in the show Mayberry years ago...
it depicted a small town,
a way of living that was simple,
real and yet beautiful!
no problem, could not be solved..
people lived and worked and laughed and played...
and so when we say
in many ways we are talking about the Idyllic place to be..and to live.

( pic By Norman Rockwell)

In this post I have pictures from the artist ,Norman Rockwell, Thomas Kinkade and Akiane Kramarik.
all 3 depict that 'Mayberry sense of life'
Norman Rockwell's has humor and reality in the fun whimsical way that
makes one smile.
Thomas Kinkade captured the true 'Mayberry' feel
his painting's were the kind,
you wished you could be Mary Poppins and Jump into the world he created!
and Akiane Kramarik...
shows in her work, what heaven is like..and how she See's
the beauty in humans and this life.

But to me...they portray what heaven must truly be like. (amongst other artist)

 (By Thomas Kinkade)

In the spring of 2013, I went to be with my Mom. April 12th was her 71st
Birthday! She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011. But we got the 
gift of time when we found out she had the slower, rarer growing pancreatic cancer.
she had 
Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer
within days of her 71st birthday, things started changing
at a rapid speed.
By the end of May she could no longer climb staircases.

  (By Akiane Kramarik)

My Mom was healthy her entire life. The only time she was ever hospitalized was
when she gave natural childbirth to her 6 children.

(By Norman Rockwell)

My Mom, Loved her gardens, she had the most beautiful gardens.
she spent many hours in them! she loved people...and
she could bake and cook, like no bodies business.
she made things for Neighbors and friends.
She LIVED life!

so you can imagine as May unfolded...her favorite time of year...

(By Thomas Kinkade)

That for all of us who loved her...this was the days came to June,
and she woke up in pain one morning.
I got her in the car and drove her to the Hospital.
she also could not keep anything down...'
June 11th 2013
It was close to midnight.
we were told,
"she is at end stage cancer"
there is nothing more we can do..but keep her comfortable...

 (By Thomas Kinkade)

Family came from all over...
and the beautiful summer months were unfolding around us.
But My Mom lay in her bed...she was leaving this world.

I remember that it was the most beautiful weather,
perfect..the kind she so loved!
But I was in a 'fog'
however, I felt it...the sunshine the warmth, the beauty of green lawns and 
flowers, the birds singing...

( By Norman Rockwell)

It was one one of these beautiful perfect days, we Lived in Montana.
so it was 80's. dry heat..gorgeous!
On this day as I drove the short distance from the grocery store back to her home...
I became aware!
I saw two young girls with there lemonade stand...I heard there
there voice's full of excitement.
(mind you, I drive with my windows down :)
another block down and to the right. 4 boys were building a fort.
this area of town..depicts a Mayberry feel. Tree lined street's
with some having the canopy affect.
mature older homes with well kept gardens and yards.
NO two homes are the same
(I wonder who invented the sub-divisions were all the homes look
the same...there is no character, no sense of individuality)

(By Akiane Kramarik)

The boys were so full of life. yelling and carrying on.
Having literally the times of there life.
2 more blocks, and I came across a young couple.
blanket in hand, with two very young children.
they were putting the blanket under a big shade tree,
and were going to enjoy being outside on such a beautiful day!
My mind saw all this, all the just the simple things
in life. I realized at that moment.

Life carries on!
My mom was slipping away,
but life always carries on...

(By Thomas Kinkade)

My mind drifted to were my mom was going...
Because I new without a doubt she was going home!
But what did our original home
look like?

A smile started forming in my heart and soul!
If we are created in his image!
then this earthly home must also
be created in the image of our heavenly home!

Yes, I know...the Bible says streets of Gold...
But that is because its was written years and years ago when riches
of this kind, were upheld as 'The utter desires of all that was the best
or seaken after, and a 'God' no less would have this??? wouldn't he?
or perhaps, it's a object lesson...a way
of making us realize just how beautiful it is!
Personally I can say, "Streets of Gold, buildings of Gold...none of that
would be my cup of tea..what about flowers and tree's and birds and well
for those creations, to me, are more beautiful and powerful and mysterious
then any street of Gold!

I know, without a doubt...I came from something so beautiful, so intelligent
that a lifetime on this earth, could not get me close
to the gifts that will remain un-tapped in me.
That Gift is the gift of 'True knowledge' of were we come from,
were we go,... and why are we here?
I believe, this world, is our testing ground...
As we are born, our souls forgot our heavenly home.
Each and every one of us are raised by another human being.
And that human being was raised by another human being.
dysfunction, fear, jealousy, resentments, anger, mistrust...
all come from other human beings.
It never ever came from Our first home!
it never came from God!

  My mind, tells me I come from something higher. You just cant 'snuff' me out!
that means none of us can be snuffed out!
death is NOT disappearing into nothingness...
it doesn't follow my logical mind. There is to much intelligence in us,
to be snuffed out!
Growth, learning, our souls...who we really are...
it continues onward and onward...
God, or our Lord, is not a God of hatred, vengeance, abomination,
or anything even close to that!

(By Akiane Kramarik)

Why do I know this and believe this without a doubt?
because we were created in his image!
and if he was a God of judgement and abomination
then all those who dis-own there children, all those who put there children
down and ridicule and judge them. All those
who's very words break a soul in two...
They would be correct!
and YET that is NOT anything of beauty. That is the stuff that makes this life so hard!
A true parent
Love's unconditionally, a true parent, speaks with love, kindness, and respect!
at all times!
a True parent guides...
A true parents NEVER GIVES UP!

So we are here, all of us on this earthly journey,
we are here, to find our path home!
many of us will falter, many of us will become like our raising,
many will stand in judgement of others, jealousy, anger, insecurities,
rudeness, dishonesty, prejudice...etc etc..
(mind you when I say our raising, our parents were also raised by there
raising and our children are raised by our raising..but it's more..then even that. Its the people
we meet.. we all raise each other...we are all humans..stumbling along with
all are humanness intact within us...)
the gift we can give ourselves? rising above it!
hearing that still small whisper in our intelligent minds
knowing we come from something so much bigger and beautiful
so much MORE then we can comprehend!
and we go back to that!!!

(By Thomas Kinkade)

This earthly life holds so much beauty! and yet, it also holds such ugly and evil
and Pain!
Our heavenly Father
did NOT do that to us!
We have done it to ourselves!
 We and only we are responsible for all, the sad and bad...
because it was our human choices that make it so!

I am such a sensitive soul...that sometimes I let this all get to me!
so much soooo
that I only see the hurt and sad and bad...
wondering how can I fix it!
I truly cant fix it all!
BUT I can fix it inside ME!

Every day of my life..I struggle to rise above my own
human nature!
to NOT let the 'wordliness' in or
allow the worldliness to destroy me!

We come from light and love...
we come from a Mayberry!
and if we all new just how beautiful it was!
We would want to be there!
In our home away from here...
there is no ugly, evil or sadness...
there is the purest form of pure, so beautiful
there are no earthly words to describe it!
if we NEW just how much...we would all rush to go home!
That is why we can not KNOW!
That is what FAITH is all about.
we have lessons to learn here.
we cannot go home, till we learn them!

Think deeply, why would we ever go home to a place that would not feel like home?
and be happy???
simply stated
There is much we don't need to know.
(That is our test!)

Our heavenly home is love and beauty and being accepted for just
who we are! It is beyond all comprehension
for that does not dwell our earthly existence.

  I read much about people..who say they have had experience's.
I can feel the truth in the ones that are real!
the ones that portray Heaven so "Not in my comfort field"
I know, it cannot be so...
for my inner wisdom tells me this

Hospices told us, that we needed to prepare for the moment
of our Mom's passing....
I was digesting things at the speed of light...If I was already in a Fog..
then reality would be,
her leaving us, may be to much!
I listened and I prepared... was not like I had thought.
 The moments up to this..I cried..tears streaming down my face,
I new I was touching my mom for the last time in this lifetime!
But, this woman lying there
was a shell of who my Mom always was.
Her body was failing her, but her soul needed to be set free!!!
and when that moment happened
The utter Peace and beauty I felt...there are no words for!
Finally, she was free...finally she would know,
what none of us could know!
Her earthly body had failed her, it was now only holding her back!
To KNOW without a doubt...
that she was whole again,
to know she was walking in sunshine and gardens.
to know she was now feeling a love and acceptance
for just who she was...
that cannot be felt in this earthly world..
My soul became Peaceful
My soul sighed with relief...for her!

My earthy mind and heart miss her...that was always a known!
But I will see her again!

I just know without a doubt
she is enjoying Mayberry
she learned all she had to learn, it was her time.
 I know she is up there rooting her children on...
wanting them to learn and grow and think
outside the box's
and the day will come
She will be there, to welcome us home
to a place so beautiful...
its beyond our earthly minds comprehension!

For those of you who have not heard about Akiane Kramarik
she is a child prodigy

Here she is with her painting. I believe she was only 9 yrs old maybe 11, when she
painted this one!!!
The video is below. You will also see other links that will be longer
and highlight this amazing young girl even more!

I also wanted to speak on Thomas Kinkade, his rise and fall!
Do not judge him.
 his painting's and work do depict a Idealistic world!
But we NEEDED that.
the criticism was to much for the end, he couldn't rise above it.
remember, artists are very sensitive souls!
 He had a gift and talent...
his heart and intentions of the best!
Remember always the 'Gift' of him.
Never forget he is human just like you and I.

That then leads me to this.
WE are all loved equally by our creator, the homeless man
just as important as the small town celebrity who does so much
for his community...when we remember this!
We then will be a inspiration to each other,we then
can shine the light of love and our Heavenly father
on other's...
each one of us, can affect the lives around us!
I pray each day, that my light will touch, just one person!
I pray each day, that I also open myself to receive
the light from another.
We are all in this together..till we go back to our Mayberry.
If all of us new this was just our temporary home...
do you realize how amazing this earthly home,
would Be!
that my life, makes others realize the truth in this....
with so much all who read this. For we are all on this journey together!
Hang in there....
Below the song Temporary home :)

would love to hear from you. Have a blessed Easter,
with all those you love!

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  1. My dear sweet friend, Peggy,
    Oh my...the amazing pictures and the look at heaven you shared.
    Thank you thank you for that special gift. That one young gal is such a spectacular artist.
    Her paintings seem to come alive with the spirit she is painting. And I have always loved the
    light that Thomas Kincaide was able to capture. And the whimsy of Norman Rockwell.
    Simple times.

    Thank you for sharing more about your mom's home-going. As Vicky's Mom begins this journey, it brings back so many memories to me of that time with my Mom. I was often
    in a fog as well. And yes, life does go on even as they are slipping away.

    It is Easter in just a few days. Know that you are in my prayers. May you know His deep and abiding love for you, dear Peggy. May you feel His presence and peace.

    Sending you huge hugs and loves and prayers, always prayers!


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