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Monday, September 2, 2013

Inside the 1920's Bungalow...before and after's

This lil 1920's bigger then it looks. 

So would you like to take a peak inside? I dont know if you could call these pictures 'after pic's'...but they are after alot of scrubbing and cleaning.

Before in the kitchen dinning area... 

And the Kitchen and dinning after. This lil Bungalow has 10 ft ceilings in most of the home. 


And after. Down the road with window treatments and new carpet we will show these area's again. The China cabinet use to be Pine. We wanted to keep it in the family. It use to be my Mom's...and yet noone had a spot for it. My daughter loves the color red...and so we decided to paint it.
 Yes, Yes, I know..who would paint a beautiful pine china cabinet!!! 
(Before pic)
But to sell it, we wouldn't get much...and so the decision was made. Besides, my mom also loved red...and I could see her smile at the results.

 And after....

Underneath the red, we painted white and black. When we distressed the cabinet these colors popped through.

I love how it work's in this Bungalow and how well it goes with My daughter's table and chair set that we did a year ago. Notice how we have two wood chairs and 2 iron chairs? with the red and white fabric it pulls the china cabinet and dinning set together as if they were made for each other.

 This part of the Bungalow was already remodeled. we are not going to change it...I would have done a real cottage kitchen. But my daughter loves the more modern feel.

And that brings us to the utility room off the kitchen...
Because the kitchen is small, we wanted to make part of this space, user friendly with the kitchen.
Alot of scrubbing went on here. As we are fixen the oustide of this home first, we just needed to scrub and shampoo carpets and get the inside...cozy and live able...Utility room before.
And Utility room after. I choose to put a fabric shower curtain up to divide the space in this area. It works fantastic...Easy fix for on a budget.

Peak a boo... and there is the washer and dryer area now.
Thanks for visiting, Hope your Monday is wonderful in every way!  

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