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L 'ame de la vie... 'The beautiful soul of life'

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Little Vintage Christmas...Booth

For over a year now,
I have been aiming for a Booth, in our small town
'Silver Fox Antique Store'
Even tho the town is small,
this place has a sound reputation
so people come from the city, to shop!

3 weeks ago, a smaller space became available.
some bigger spaces had come and gone...
but finally, I was at a place were I thought
I could be ready in 3 weeks.

Yesterday, I set up my booth.
and YES I call it 
'L'ame de la vie'
(The beautiful Soul of life)
because I love taking something old...
and making it new again...
and old pieces, have such a cozy wonderful feel...
the feel of a different Era..when life seemed...well

The Vintage wreath was so fun to create.
The lil Vintage deer, was not in perfect condition,
but he won me over!
I used Vintage lace, and a 1920's scarf is tied at the bottom.
also vintage balls and ornaments.
Pine cones and Vintage Christmas cards.
just looking at it...takes me back.

My big pieces are a Gun cabinet and a girls desk set!
and I made signs...I love love the big mantel sign
'True love was Born in a Stable'

The lil desk, was  roll top, without a roll top
below is the before pic

As I work on a piece..thing's sometimes change,
and I embellish more then I originally thought I would.

I made a built in chalk board, and added a lil valance.

The chair is wonderful in that it was all rounded and curved wood.
I added a Vintage chenille seat.
I know my grand daughters fell in love with this set.
I wonder at the girl, who will one day use it.

The gun Cabinet needed some work...

Silly me forgot to take a before pic...
so this is a pic, in the process off :)

And here is is after
 this Gun cabinet also has lighting in it :)

As I was moving thing's in, the owner and another lady, kept saying
'Peggy, are you sure that is going to fit'
YES, if there is  will there is a way!

I fell in love with the Yellow standing Vintage lamp...I painted
the stand Yellow to match the shade.
I think it will make a wonderful
colorful, accent piece in the perfect spot!

Some of the smaller goodies in my Booth.

I had allot of fun...making this lamp
I wanted all thing's 
could go with all decors...

 A little Yellow vintage shelf, is tucked away behind the lamp

It is not a big space, But I think
we popped the color
into this area. Don't you agree?
and it's a Start!

How is your Christmas decorating, gift making and buying going?
can I be honest? really honest?
I have not bought or made one thing,
 for my huge family...nothing, nada...
I best get on all that....very soon!
thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh Peggy! I've been away from blogging for a few days and this is the beautiful post I get to return to! Your work is so creative and brings new life to old things in such a pretty way! I want to come shop :) I can see you could become quite busy with customers! So fun to see! Good luck and congratulations on the shop!!

  2. Oh sweet friend,
    I so wish that Vicky and I could just "show up!" at your fantastic full of vintage
    and marvelous goodies from the past. And you brought new life to them! I am so, so proud
    of you for your heart, creativity and love for the Lord! It all shows in your fabulous "The Beautiful Soul of Life!" Your soul is beautiful as it is so filled with God's love and you spread that love everywhere! Congratulations on making a dream come true. :)

    As for Christmas, we have had such fun with outdoor lights and indoor Christmas wrapping.
    Lots to mail. It is finals week at the college so this little elf is one busy Nana. Grade papers. Wrap. Grade Papers. Wrap.

    Loves and hugs and prayers to you, always prayers!

  3. Thank you both! for your love and support! We shall see how this little venture goes...I do love bringing the soul back into older things.... I am off to a new job this morning. Much love to both of you! p.s have the most beautiful day! Love to both of you!

  4. seems I doubled up on the love to both...that's a good thing...Right!!! :)


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