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Friday, April 3, 2015

A little Easter wish from Me to You!

If we but had the eyes to see
God's face in every cloud,...


...If we but had the ears to hear
His voice above the crowd,
If we could feel His gentle touch
In ever Springtime breeze
And find a haven in His arms
'Neath sheltering, leafy trees...
If we could just lift up our hearts
Like flowers to the sun
And trust His Easter Promise
And pray, "thy will be done"
We;d find the peace we're seeking,
The kind no man can give,
The peace that comes from knowing

He Died So We Might Live!

 I stumbled across these Easter Poems
Helen Steiner rice
and at this moment I just couldnt say it better.


The sleeping earth awakens,
The robins start to sing,
The flowers open wide their eyes
To tell us it is spring.
The bleakness of the winter
Is melted by the sun,
The tree that looked so stark and dead
Becomes a living one...
Wrought with divne perfection,
Are the blessed reassurance
Of our Saviour's Resurrection.

May your easter be filled
with love and family and
the "feeling' on new beginnings...

wishing you all Joy
at this Easter time :)

1 comment:

  1. Happy Easter, my dear soul-sis!
    May His joy and peace surround you today and every day. May God's presence
    soak into your heart and may you feel renewed by by His love.

    Thank you for these wonderful Easter poems and those cute vintage cards with the lamb and chick.

    Could I ask a favor? Could you please keep praying for my daughter Amy- post surgery on Thursday. It was very difficult and painful so prayers for a quid recovery would be so appreciated. Thanks.
    Love you to the moon and back, Peggy!


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