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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Soul sisters, are sisters the Lord sent to us!

This quote put a grin on my face so BIG!
I have precious girlfriends. My oldest bestie came into
my world July 4th 1977. I would be in 8th grade that year
she was a year below me in 7th grade.

There was a time, approx 20 years. were contact was scarce.
I reached for her, once a year? maybe? I always sent her a Christmas card.
She was in a 'Not good relationship'
once in a while things would slip out of her...
but she was a shell of who she was suppose to be!
She finally made the hard choice to leave this man
after 20 years...and
within weeks...we were on the phone again...
daily, weekly...till this day!
True Friendship, picks up were it left off,
It carries no grudge, no harm, it is understands
Oh the mischief she and I would get into.... :)

This picture was taken in 2010
we had not seen each other in 15 years!

I went to a lil brothers wedding. she was 5 hours away and came too!
two of my daughters were there as well.
I think they were amused by the laughter and seeing there
mom with the one bestie that made her
turn into a teenager again!
But our history is that 'BIG'
our first Kiss and our first date,
our first heartbreak and our insecurities...
all wrapped up in years of friendship!

She has 'become' all she ever was... this is a recent picture
with her daughter!
sometimes, our souls need to leave the unhealthy to 
become what God intended us to become!

Two other precious friends I have
are my two Montana Girl friends.
One is 69yrs old... she was my rock,
as I went through many difficult things in my life.
and My Miss Blue, who is my age...
I know, the lord put all these beautiful ladies in my life!
( I also have a handful on Girlfriends that are not as close
but still as beautiful in every way) 

However, one friendship can never out do another.
a newer friend is just as cherished as a older friend.
Simply, because...they are soul sisters,
that  the Lord sent to us!

I cam home from work, to find this BIG box on my porch!
I was very surprised to see it. 
I thought,
"who left there box's on my porch"
and then the next thought was...
"If that box is for me? who is it from?"

( my porch isn't the prettiest...the 1920's bungalow needs some
extreme outside help :)

Inside the box was a 'love Basket' for Valentine's day...
and the beautiful friend behind the basket's ?

I have not met any friends yet. In this new place I am at.
and on the journey I am on...
these treasures from Girl friends,
open my heart, bring sunshine to a cloudy day...
and make me feel loved, "for just who I am"

Linda and Vicky I met in 'blog' land.
I never new I could meet 'soul sisters...
without meeting them face to face!
But I have and I did!
what they both never I was very alone...
very! On the road in a 5th wheal...
with no real companionship of any kind.
sometimes, no music, no t.v...
just me and sometimes no car either.
and posted, emailed and reached out...
through the gift of cyber space...
filling my heart and soul...
with Friendship and Love!  

Vicky sent me this beautiful Necklace at Christmas, along with a book
and..... words that brought tears...just like Linda.

This however wasn't my first box from is my 3rd box!
and through these last couple months...
those box's have given sunshine to cloudy days!
there however was ONE thing in this box from Linda
 that took my breath away...

A picture she drew this past December, while In Hawaii
with the love of her life..her Bert!
the original picture went to her grand daughter.
YET...I had no clue
that as talented as she is in writing, as big as her heart is...
and the love she showers on all who know her...
she is a 
 my smile grew bigger and bigger and bigger...
for sometimes
soul sisters, tend to have allot in common
with you!
a like mindedness or kindred spirit!
Thank you so so much Linda!

To all my soul  sisters and ones I have yet to meet!
do you know the beauty you add to my world?
do you know, just how precious
you are to me?
Thank you for you...from the bottom of my heart and beyond...
I am humbled and so blessed to have you
in my life!!!
I Love You!


  1. My dear sweet friend, Peggy,
    What a wonderful post and I loved "meeting" your special friends and your "bestie."
    Great pictures! Your message about friends reminds me of an old song-
    Make new friends, but keep the old
    One is silver and the other gold.
    I am so grateful for all of the friends who have come along side you over the years and been a rock and a support. I do believe, in my deepest heart-of-hearts, that God provides those
    dear sisters of the soul at just the right times.

    I'm so pleased that the love basket and artwork put a smile on your face. I made
    one for you and one for Vicky (with different scarves) and it made my heart sing to
    do that. You both mean the world to me. We also showered our grandchildren, friends and neighbors with Valentine's goodies as well. So much fun!!

    I am so grateful for the wonderful friends who have been there for me in my life journey and are such a huge part of the joy I have in life. My "bestie" has been in my life since I was 14 months old and is only several weeks older. She too is a Linda. All my friends know me so well, know my heart, and know just what to say and when I need a hug. What a huge blessing and gift from God to share this sacred journey with them...and you.!

    I am so grateful for you, my friend. Thank you for caring about me and supporting me.
    You bring such joy to my life! I am amazed over and over again at the similarities in our journeys, interests, and that we are both called Nana!!

    Sending you loves and prayers, dear soul-sis!

  2. Happy Saturday, sweet friend,
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers all morning. Love the new heading on your blog,
    Those pictures definitely remind me of you. :)

    You are such a blessing, dear Peggy, and have such a big heart. :)I am asking that God reassure you of His deep love for you. May you feel His presence and that He holds you in the palm of His almighty hand.
    Love you to the moon and back, soul-sis.


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