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Monday, April 8, 2013

DYI lamp project

A sneak preview :)

I bought this wooden lamp base for only $2.00 and the lamp shade for $3.00  at the Goodwill.  And I have had these pieces for several months....and almost forgot about them. I wanted to make something pretty, something with that country cottage style... So out came all my fabric's, ribbons and lace, trims and embellishments..until my mind saw what I wanted to turn this lamp into.

The wooden lamp base, received 4 coats of Benjamin Moore paint. Color: Misted fern in eggshell finish. I then cut out a pattern for the 6 sides of the lamp shade. And made sure they fit.  
 I love working with Mod Podge. Due to the fact it adheres so well. It also cleans up well. once dry, you can scrub on it. With a paint brush I put the Mod Podge on the wrong side of the fabric panels and also put the Mod Podge on the lamp shade itself. This makes for better adherement... I use my fingers to smooth any wrinkles or bubbles out.

This picture shows all the panels in place. you will notice there are some gaps. that was ok, with this project because I had trims and lace I wanted to use.

I added the trim vertically down  all 6 sides of the panel shade. then added my crystals. I needed 6 crystals and I had 4 of one kind and 2 of another.... I decided to just use these this way...why not??? The crystals cost $1.35 a piece.

 Lace around the bottom and ribbon with lil crystals around the top......
Presenting my 'new' lil cottage lamp

 a better view of the top.
Total cost of the lamp $13.10 and its a one of a kind :)
(If there is any bloggers that come take a peak at this project. I am having a hard time with my post. The first few pic's will allow me to make then bigger. But by the 3rd pic, it will no longer allow me to do this. Its why I haven't posted much. It just is prettier when you can see things bigger :) any suggestions?)

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