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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The me....

I have not been blogging...But I have been visiting all your blogs, yet I stay silent..

there is a reason for that. Remember this beautiful woman....?

My mom! (pic taken 1 year and 3 months ago on her 70th birthday) well she turned 71 this past April.

 I felt strongly I needed to go home and see her.... and the rest has become a whirlwind, I don't think

 anyone can be prepared for!..... I posted on my blog about her being diagnosed with pancreatic

cancer on June 21 2011. And we were gifted with finding out she had the slower growing tumor's

 called the neoendocrin tumor's....we were gifted 2 years....and it doesn't seem long enough. For our

mom  is at home with us and with a hospice team guiding us...we are down to days and moments....

  This pic was also on my mom's 70th birthday...all 6 of her children wrote there wish for her on a ballon...and then she wrote her own... however the day turned out windy...and when it came time to release the ballons...they were all tangled mom laughed and smiled and simply said.... "that was my wish, that no matter what, you 6 would stick together"..these ballons flew higher then any ballons I ever saw..lifted up because they were joined together...clear across the bitterroot moutain range.....

I wrote this one day...maybe 4 weeks has become a our mother is literally losing her battle with Pancreatic cancer..before our eyes...

Heaven; Today leaving kendalls home after watching Harlee I traveled back slowly to my mom's...I saw a couple..the young man headed to a spot in his yard with baby and blanket in his arms...his wife behind with a toddler...the blanket went down and they pounced on it..half shade half sun..perfect... then a block later 2 lil girls building a tent in there yard..and down from them 2 boys on bikes......and a lemonade stand...I the very same time my heart goes on...I thought of my mom...and I realized I never liked how people depicted heaven...I don't like golden streets or big building of gold...I don't feel it fits...I don't want just gardens and streams and moutains...for that feels to lonely ...and then I grinned...we are created in god's image...then why not is this world created in the image of our home before? I saw Mayberry, but in its perfection and the possibility that in mayberry mom wouldn't have weeds in her garden anymore....and somehow for the first time....that thot seemed to resonate truth...if he created us, if home is were we go...then home..must be a lot like home here........
I love you Mom!!!!

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