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Monday, October 7, 2013

DYI Fabric Pumpkins

Everywhere I go, I have been running into Fabric pumpkins!!! some are for sale..some are not! After checking several of them out...I decided I could make these one my own, without a pattern :)

I started with picking out fabric that correlated well together (you will notice that in the pics you will see 2 different Set's. This is due to not photographing each step I took, as well as I should have).
The biggest piece is 10 inch. x 25 inch. The middle piece is 8 inch. x 23 inch. and the smallest piece is 6 inch. x 21 inches.  If you want a bigger set then just add for example Big 16 x 31, Medium 14 X 29, small 12 x 27 or if you want a smaller set the opposite. for example Big 6 x 21, Medium 4 x 19 and small 2 x 17.

Take the fabric and fold the strips, right side facing each other and sew a seam down the one side  to close it. it will make a circle.

Using embroidery thread. stitch around one end. I started at the seam I had just sewing all the way around till I got back to that seam...

 Pull the thread till the fabric is all together and then tie a couple knots. The next pic will show the steps taking so far in a better way...

See how i just hand stitched from the seam back to the seam! Then you just add the stuffing and do the same to the other side, as pictured here and stitch from one end to the other.

You pull the thread on this side as well, Wanting it to close as tightly as possible.

One side of your fabric pumpkins will have more a stem look to it. Make this side your top.

One side will be smoother. Make this side you bottom, so that they will sit flat.

To create the more wedge look of the pumpkin, I used embroidery thread and simple sat the pumpkin on it, pulled the string tight and made a knot at the top.

Then I did it the other way, see how there are 4 sections now. basically look at the pumpkin as if it was a pie, and tie the string in those sections...this means you will tie 4 strings to each pumpkin creating 8 sections.

Here is one all tied, reflecting 8 sections. The sections do not have to be perfect. there is no perfect pumpkins :)

I cut leaf's and stems out of felt. The stem's you want to sew 2 lines down them from the top. leaving a space at the bottom to attach to the pumpkin...see the next pic.

Sewing the 2 lines, makes it so you can bend the stem a bit...see how the bottom comes out on each side. this way you can sew the stem and leaf to the pumpkin.

I blanket stitched the stem's on. Making sure the leaf was underneath and pulling the thread through the fabric and the leaf all at the same time. This secures the leaf and stem onto the pumpkin and also covers up the knots from tying the segments. On this set, I choose 2 leafs per pumpkin and personalized this set.

This was my practice set. But last minute I was invited to a wedding :) so I personalized the leafs, with there initials and a wedding gift.  (I told the Bride, this way 20 years or so from now, her new husband will remember there date in October!!!) I find it interesting how my husband struggles with dates the longer we are together and the older we get... ha ha ha

This set of Pumpkins, I only put two leaves on the biggest pumpkin! these are so fun to make...and you can pick whatever color scheme you like.

Such a fun way to decorate! I hope I didn't loose anyone in my directions. I realize I left pictures out of certain details...I will pay closer attention with the next DYI project I post. Good luck and just have fun with it. Happy fall everyone :) thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Yours are just adorable! I think I am making mine similar to yours. I made another one today out of upholstery fabric. I need to try one in lightweight cotton now. The heavy fabric is hard to gather. It's addictive, isn't it? They are so much fun to make! Sweet hugs!

  2. They are so addicting. And with any color scheme possible, it has me wanting to make all kinds :) hugs back to you!!!

  3. I started to write you back but you are a no reply blogger. So I'll write here....

    You wrote...> Oh Oh Oh..I have wanted a white just gave me an amazing idea!!!
    My answer....
    Now I am so curious! I am still having fun making them, too. My hubby said this morning, I'm going to have to find something else to blog about! haha!

    Enjoy your day! Hugs!


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