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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Second Memory Pillow

The youngest of my siblings is turning 31.  Oh how time fly's. I saw him for the first time when he was 2 months old. You see I was in my first year of college when this lil brother was born. It was during Christmas break that I came home and got to hold him. The fun thing about this brother....he is a red head! the only red head in the family! Our Opa (grandpa)was a red head on my Mothers side... Now he is turning 31. The loss of our mom, was upsetting to him for reason's other then it was our mom. He feels that he and his children were robbed of time with her...and I cant help but understand that...

he and his beautiful Bride have been married 9 years... I made him a Memory pillow for his up coming Birthday.

Boy, did I struggle with this one...the pink lacy material Was the dress my mom wore at his also was stretchy and had lining that stretched as well...the more mauve material was a favorite skirt of my mom's and even tho this fabric was easier to work with, it also had stretchy lining.

I embellished it..trying to match this day...sweet and romantic!

Full of hopes and dreams...

A romantic pillow???

And of course, I had to put 'Schatje' on it..for that is what my mom called all those that she loved...'Schatje' is Dutch for sweetheart...

The back of the pillow...(I kept the lining out...I just couldn't work with it anymore!!!)

My mom in the dress she wore, next to her baby boy...the was a happy Day!

9 years later...My brother has a family he adores. His daughter struggled with the loss of her grandma...and sadly the lil man, may be to young to remember her. Due to the age gap, his children are the same age's as my grandchildren. This brother is in the service. My mom so proud of him and his family. Happy Birthday my Little brother, We love you, are proud of you..and will always be here for you!

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