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Saturday, June 21, 2014

With the window's down

I have so much catching up to do!
this is just a trivial post...
when it comes to life and what's real important!

After traveling over 760 miles...I finally found a motel room tonight.
Hubby had to get ahead of me and locate one....
because there was no room!
all motel's and hotels FULL!

The one I have well, one of the last good ones left...
it has 3 queen size beds...just for one me!
and other weary travelers were coming in....
But there was NO room at the INN!

I could share? I would share?
but then...who are these travelers?
My hubby always tells me, I see the world through rose colored
glasses and I am to naive....hummm
I think it is more so that...I want to see

having said all the as I traveled 760 plus miles...
one thing came to mind...
why? am I one of the only ones traveling with my window down???
in all those miles..I saw one young man, baseball cap backwards,
in his pickup..enjoying as much as me...
and then there was the couple in the jeep.

I cant be the only one that loves to travel with her windows down!
Maybe I am old fashion...and it comes from...the era of NOT having AC.
But it was perfect today...high 70's - 85....
the wind coming through the window...the sunshine
the tunes playing..the beauty of the country I was driving through
that to me...
is the feel of freedom!

maybe it's all the electronics?
I can say   ..that when getting gas...I looked
like Marie lavoe! my hair standing on end!!!
But I don't care.. wind blown and in knots!

And just so you all know! I don't use my phone when driving...ask my family!!!
this was a selfie taken when traffic was down to 35...
and no one around me..and notice..I am NOT looking at the phone!
I have a smart phone with my name on it..for ummm 7 months now
I don't want to use it.
I see how addicting it has become to my family members...
I don't think they even all know
how much they use them..when in the company of others.
So until I can get some of my family addictions to the smart phone...
to be more controlled..I want no part of it.

i got through life just fine without all these electronics's
I don't want to become a slave to them

so here i sit..wondering????
there must be more of you...
that love to travel with the windows
DOWN :) 


  1. You are so adorable - I love this photo of you!!! And here I thought I was the only one who didn't have a Smart phone! I do have a cell phone but use it mostly to be able to call AAA if I break down, or so my girls can reach me in case of an emergency. But none of my friends even know my number! It looks like you had a fabulous drive - but a LONG one!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Hi dear Peggy Sue,
    I LOVE this picture of care-free, your hair flying back and a smile on your face!
    We are so alike, you and I. No smart phone here either, however I use a cell phone to keep in touch with loved ones. I am stunned at what having a "smart" phone has done to communication and conversation. No thank you. And yes, I LOVE to drive with the windows down. It reminds me of being a child with my head stuck out the window when we traveled. :) Safe travels, dear friend. You are in my prayers as you cover those miles.

    God Bless!
    Love Linda

  3. I was feeling free on this day...I was sick most of my fact I still kinda am...going to doc's today! it was such a long drive... and I had to push it...not a relaxing drive back. Linda, I remember driving down the freeway in our VW bug with a sunroof and standing on the back seat with our heads out the seat belt laws back then...ha ha ha. Thank you ladies for your kind words! hugs and love from me to you :)

  4. Hi Peggy Sue,
    Just sending you loves and hugs and prayers. You have been on my mind and heart and I am so hoping you are feeling much better.

    Love you, dear friend!


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