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Thursday, June 5, 2014

A God gift

I was working on a post about the
Kittens/ cats that have come into our lives...
But something came in the mail!

These arrived yesterday! I had gotten a e-mail
from a blogger I followed.
She simply said, "I saw your post, on your new home and wanted
to give you these two prints as a house warming gift."
I was surprised, delighted, blown away!
Because you see, that just NEVER happens to Me :) A stranger offering me a gift!
But I have learned to accept a gift, I have learned to be gracious.
So I sent her my address, and yesterday they arrived!
But that is when I learned something...

In her e-mail she had attached pic's of these prints...You see its a red barn with a owl perched in 
the our home "Owl Creek Farm"


A white house with 2 chimneys..just like our home, "Owl creek farm"
but that still isn't what the discovery was all about...

I realized very quickly...

These were not just Prints! These were her prints!
she is the Artist that created these prints!
(I write music and I  copy write my music)
I was astonished, pleased and felt very honored!

Then I noticed she signed the backs!
How fun is that!!!

At this moment yesterday...I was just so pleased and delighted
what a gift, and HOW COULD I NOT KNOW she was a artist???

But what touched me most???
how could she know me?

the scriptures, the sayings...and then a lil added bonus...

2 little note cards... "Trust in the lord with all your heart" and "With God all things are possible"

My emotions were high...hubby looked but he couldn't understand
what touched me MOST???
how did she know, my faith? my love for something so much bigger then this life..
how did she know...
"I choose to follow the still small whisper of God"

I tried to post this last night..and for some reason my lap top refused to 
work and get I waited till this morning..
But first..i wanted to understand her art work..and how I hadn't noticed...
From her blog, I found she had another blog..and from there
a Etsy shop...
and from there!

OH MY!!!
It was a print in her Etsy says it is hers...
could it be???
I ran to my fireplace mantel ...
I looked, I saw, YES YES it's Donna!
BUT she couldn't have known

this is the picture of all she would have known

It was in my post 

I however had NOT yet put some of my favorite things out!
things that were still in the 5th wheal I have lived in for 2 years!

things like this:

(pic taken this morning during a thunderstorm
I have not hung it yet)
on my mantel, one of my favorite saying's,
one that I keep with me, and in a spot of honor at all times!

"let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God'
`Ralph Waldo Emerson'

this is HIS quote..but this is Donna's Art!!!

And in that moment...I was in utter AWE!
she wasn't a stranger at all!
i don't know now, when I got this print.
I only know, when I saw it..I had to have it,
it was everything I am!
it is always in my living room's
were everyone can see it!
and when I went on the road with my husband
it was one of the few items I brought
to decorate the 5th wheal with...

 Here is a pic of our 5th wheal

And now, to the friend I have always known..for she lived with me and didn't know it!

Donna, I am a artist to..not like you, I wish I could paint..and I dabble here and there
sometimes they come out and sometimes they don't.
(I have one I posted on here)

The thing a Artist sometimes we never know, if something we created
touched someone's life!
Donna, you have no clue how much this print has meant to me.
Yes, it is Ralph waldo Emerson's quote...
but always when I think of the quote
I see your art!

Through some of the most difficult times in my life...
I look and remember that God is leading my life,
that I do hear his still small whisper...
and I find great peace then!

even in the house hunt, when things fell through,
and I wondered..I once again would look at your art, with his quote
and remember all is as is should be...

And the Lord blessed me one more time!
because Donna I was questioning some thing's
and with your gift and finding out...
that you created a piece I have had in my home for many years now...
I know it was his way...
of saying
"I am here"
"let us be silent so we may hear the whisper of God"

I don't think "Thank you" can do justice to
how my soul smiled,
how you made my heart sing...
I will find a wonderful place
for our
"Owl creek Farm'
From the bottom of my heart...
Thank you, for the gift of you! and your ART!
Much love from me!
and a BIG HUG!

to see Donna's blogs
here are her links

from these links you can find her etsy shop
she is quiet, kind, a lover of animals and humble.
 her art, has love, God  and the beauty of life in it! 
(we are headed back to Montana to bring the rest of our thing's back)
I hope everyone has a wonderful
God filled week :)


  1. Isn't that just perfect!! Oh my goodness- that is beyond coincidence! Definitely a "God" thing. And what beautiful art! So perfectly fitting for your new home! I just love this and definitely want to go and visit Donna's blog :) Love to you friend- thanks for sharing such a wonderful story!

  2. Oh sweet Peggy Sue,
    I am breathless...what a wonderful gift and the story behind it...priceless! As you described that your favorite saying, that had followed you everywhere and provided such comfort for your heart... was Donna's artwork... I just had to grin. I am always AMAZED at how God let's us know that He is present. He works wonders in our lives and gives us reminders of His love. I am so thrilled that you, my sweet friend, received a gift that was clearly meant for you... the red barn and owl in the tree, the white house with two amazing and so perfect for you.

    You are such a gift to so many that it makes me so happy that God gave YOU such a
    perfect gift.
    Love you so much, dear friend!

  3. Its a very humbling thing...when these thing's happen. I know that someone watches out for us...someone knows and see's our hearts and in moments we get his answers...there are miracles everywhere..we have to choose to see them. what an amazing gift! lives, touch each others sometimes in ways we can't comprehend and then we get a peak... This was such a gift and usually, always the gift goes both ways... I never new I would find such amazing women if I blogged...and I have..and I cherish each of you and now I have Donna as well. Lucky lucky me!

  4. Oh Peggy Sue,
    I too am so, so grateful for you...for your open heart, your encouragement about my writing, for your honest and transparent sharing, for the love you give so freely. Your honesty is a breath of fresh air to my spirit. Your empathy soothes my weary soul. Like you, I never imagined I would ever find such kindred spirits here. Yet I truly believe that God leads us to each other...when it is His plan for His children to find refreshment and community. A community of understanding and faith. I smile each time I see that you have commented. Your words mean the world to me and I keep you in my prayers every day. I will specifically ask God to give you peace about some of the issues you commented on today...potential hormone changes that impact you. That's an issue that so many of us have been through. Perhaps a blog post about it?

    Love you soul sister!
    Blessings and prayers...always prayers!


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