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Thursday, October 2, 2014

For My Girls...

For My Girls.... 

If I could give you a dayor two, I would send you to a cabin in the woods, or a cottage by the sea.
 Inside you would find everything that you would need. Soft fluffy pillows, cushy seats and chairs. A pot of the most delicious stew simmering and big homemade biscuits with butter dripping... 
But more so I would surround you with a day, were nothing could touch you. I would whisper to the wind to be perfect, not to still, but not to wild, so that when you got out to explore it would surround you, touching your face, moving through your hair, Settling around you like sweet kisses making you soul relax with wonder. 
I would beckon to the sun, to be warm but not to warm, to shine it's rays down on you... In such a way, you would know without a doubt how much you are loved.
 I would take away all your worries, all the chaos, all the confusion and choices and just for this time... you would be like a child again... free to run, free to play, free to read and dance and sing.

 I would send you baskets full of autumn things... orange pumpkins and then a white one, to remind you. Your are Unique, you are you and life's journey is to find that you, separate and apart from all around you.
 I would have apples in that basket, red, yellow, Green and gold. Sweet, and Delicious to remind you that everything that grows...first has to go through rain storms, winds, heat and sometimes drought. The result is something of wonder and perfection. 
The basket would hold, warm baked goods, pumpkin bread, and wheat bread, persimmon cookies and a cinnamon loaf. The staff of life. So you know There is someone who created you. He is there reaching and waiting...always and forever and will never ever leave. Go to him and he will fill your heart with 'JOY'. 
I would add branches to your baskets with fall leaves, gnarled and imperfect, because those are the best kind, there beauty surpassing that of a strait branch...because they had to grow around obstacles and barriers. In these branches you will see your perfection in the making.

 I would add Hot chocolate and apple cider to your baskets. so when you feel the warmth on your lips... it brings a smile of contentment. But what you would never know..not ever.. is the whole time you were there, I had a invisible quilt surrounding you, A quilt of love, filled with more wishes and dreams then your heart could ever know. Filled with peace the kind of peace that makes one smile from deep within....

 Autumn is arriving, that time of year when the fruits of our labor's are made known. When we get a chance to rest... when days get shorter and nature shows us, all was created by a magnificent hand....take that hand, it will guide you...this I can promise beyond and above anything else.
 I love you! and if I could...I would give you the above. Instead my Mothers heart wishes it, thinks it, knows it, and prays for you always and forever.
 Happy Autumn beautiful girls!  

We are doing a fundraiser for our GF Vicky. Fighting stage IV breast cance.r
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  1. Oh sweet Peggy Sue,
    Your words just paint a picture of your love for your girls. Everything you would do for them and have them know. How much they are loved by you and the One who created them.
    Just so lovely and I can feel your love as their Mama in each chosen word.

    You are so amazing. It has been a pure JOY for me to work with you on helping our dear Vicky. The blog you created is so perfect, the pictures and message really show how wonderful Vicky is and I am so thrilled at the generosity of so many.

    Loves and hugs and prayers coming your way, always prayers.
    Love, Linda

    I hope all is well with you, dear friend. That a little rest and self-care is in store. Know that
    He holds you in the palm of His mighty hand.

  2. Good morning, dear Peggy Sue,
    Just wanting you to know that you and your precious grandson are in my prayers
    this Monday morning. I hope your recent doctors appointment went well and that the little man is also starting to feel better. You are both held up in the arms of our precious Jesus!

    I also wanted to thank you again for ALL of your hard work on the fundraiser for Vicky. The blog is absolutely beautiful and really tells her story so well. I am grateful for every dollar that is being donated.

    Have a beautiful Monday, sweet friend!
    Love and prayers, always prayers.

  3. Thank you so much linda...prayers needed here...but health is doing ok so far. Grandson is now normal again but has a appointment with GI doc tomorrow. I have not had my mammogram yet....soon :) That you think of me ...makes me smile. Its been a joy doing the fundraiser for Vicky and having you as a team mate :)


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