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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fund raiser for Vicky...every $10 donated gives you a chance at beautiful Thank you gifts!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Linda and I are Mutual
friends of Vicky's
we are doing a fundraiser for her.

click the link below 
to find out more!
all proceeds will go to Vicky and her family!


  1. Oh Peggy Sue- where do I begin? How amazing this has all been- on day one :) Just as I shared with Linda- I truly have no words that can convey how deeply I appreciate all that you have done for me!! Love to you sweet friend!

  2. Hello Peggy,

    what a wonderfull idea for the sweetest people I know, Vicky!!!

    It would be a honour for me to support this idea.

    I am from germany and knew vicky now since 3 years. I have a blog and many creative girls around me. I am sure there will spend many things for this wonderfull idea and so I could organize a little "district office" in germany and arrive with that also the german or germanspeaking people in Austria and Switzerland, because the shipping costs from USA to germany are to expensive for many of them.

    Of course all the money would go to Vicky to help her with the costs.

    Perhaps you could be my contact person?

    What do you think? Are you interestet?

    I would be lucky for an answer and send you lovely greets from germany.


    PS: I am sorry about my english, I hope you understand the most ;-).

  3. Ups, my blog is and my email is :-))))))


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