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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Update on: The greatest heartache, love, faith and a touch of pixie dust....

If your just seeing this post
for the first time...
To truly understand this 'True life' story
Please first, go to the link below
read..... :)

Sometimes, what we think should be easy in life...
just isn't

As Shelby and Pat awaited the birth of there little boy...
they were told that he could have problems...
the fact he was even coming into
into this world...
was a miracle.
His Due date was in Dec.

On Nov. 20th 2014
Shelby went into the hospital
for a check up...

Miracles happen when we least expect them too...
and this young couple, who had gone through so
much...was about to get one of these miracles...

As Shelby awaited her appointment
Her Placenta separated!
Had she not been IN the hospital...well
there may not be a post today...
But she WAS!
and they rushed her into delivery.

On Nov. 20th 2014 at only 34 weeks

was born
at 4:34p.m.
weighing in at 5lbs 15oz
18 inches long!

He was in the NICU for 10 days!

As Shelby wrote : "I know that God and big sister
were watching out for us!"

Gosh how I love this picture! Is there anything
more precious then a baby fresh from above?!

Perfect and healthy in every way!!!

With Faith, Love, Prayers...and oh that dash of Pixie Dust...

These young parents once again...
hold a baby in there arms...after so much grief!

This pic was taken only 3 months before Raegan
passed away from her brain tumor.

The road through grief is never easy...
for Shelby after she lost her precious girl...
everywhere she looked were couples with Babies or lil ones
she felt empty..she was no longer a mom...
yet she was..the pain in her, and seeing other's
with children was profound and great...
I know God doesn't give us more then we can Handel
but sometimes it feels he pushes us!
I know without a doubt, he placed Shelby were she needed to be...
so that Urijah could make it...
safe and sound!

What a Thanksgiving blessing...what a Christmas Miracle!

Urijah with his Grandpa...this Miracle
was for everyone. For so many family members grieved
the loss of Precious Raegan...

Sweet Sweet baby boy. Do you realize how loved you are!
Do you realize what a blessing you are!
Do you realize your a precious miracle
from above!

loved, loved loved..and always always now...
you will have a big sister, with Angel wing's
watching over you!

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  1. Oh sweet Peggy.
    I LOVE the pictures of this precious family and the gift of this small baby boy, watched by a special angel, his sister. A heart-breaking loss and then this little fellow who came to heal some broken hearts. Thank you for the update as I have been keeping Raegan's Mommy and Daddy in my prayers.

    Loves and hugs and prayers for you, my friend...always prayers!


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