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Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Latest Estate 'Finds'

I am Blogging from the passenger front seat, of our truck! From Sacramento we made a quick trip back to Seattle to pick up our 5th wheal. (Now anyone who has done I-5 thru this area...its beautiful but far from quick). Once we have the 5th wheal in tow... well lets just say, we are slugging right along... :)

Last weekend we went to an estate sale and I found some wonderful things, I thought I would share. Not only did I fall in love with this Old trunk, but my husband did as well! 

 here is a picture of the trunk in the back of our truck. Its gives you a idea of size. Our truck is like the 'boss hog' of trucks. It has to be, because it pulls our home and things all over the US.

 I also fell, for this pretty parasol. Dated approx 1920's-30's

I love the is like the urban look. taking something rustic and adding pretty with it.

The trunk made for a wonderful backdrop for my other 'finds'

 This Vintage mother's day angel was covered with dirt! I took a soft toothbrush and cleaned her up! she has a broken wing...but I don't fact, the more I see this imperfection..the more I love her for what she is....

 As I start aging and see the imperfections in the mirror... I struggle with it.. perhaps because I feel young inside. this Angel has become more valuable as time has gone by...she has stood the test of time, and remains beautiful...even if one wing is missing...and I find her beautiful. Maybe she is therapeutic to just me???! for it makes me rise above the aging reflection starring back at me...and smile at the beauty the years has given me.  

I also found this beautiful 'homer' china dish. Yes there is a lil crack in it...but it was to gorgeous to leave behind. Both the angel and this dish I got for $1 each.

    The back of this serving dish......
Isn't it gorgeous? I love good china, and I collect my pieces slowly because I am picky and I have a big family, so the price needs to be right :)

I also found this china pitcher. I think it would be wonderful for gravy...or flowers. this gem was only $3 and I was thrilled.

The bottom of the pitcher.

Such pretty things...such girly things. Yes even the trunk! I believe we are going to keep the trunk much like it it..accept clean up and new handles... that reveal will be another post.

 And one more picture..because I couldn't resist. These things...are timeless beauties, these treasures make me feel peaceful and add sunshine to every day. Have a wonderful Sunday. Thanks for visiting.
(p.s Most the pic's would not allow me to enlarge them, I think my laptop needs to be taken to the laptop doc! It has a bug)

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  1. What wonderful treasures! These are my type of vintage finds. Love that big old trunk and what a great color! ENJOY!


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