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Friday, January 31, 2014

A fourth Memory Pillow

This Sunday is my sister's Birthday! Her first without our mom.
My Sister is the Oldest of us 6. I am second behind her.
When my sister was born, my mom held her tight and thought, 
"I will never be alone anymore"

Here we the early 70's :) My sister in the red dress and I in the yellow.
and the Oldest of our little Brothers in front!

My sister and I haven't had the easiest relationship. Yet, I love her, She is my Big sister.
I think our relationship is the by-product of being
Our Mothers daughter's!
There is no one else who will ever know what that is like...
Only Her and I.

Our Mother was a perfectionist. Her homes, her gardens, and how she looked.
Long ago we both realized we could never keep up or even get close to
who are mother was! It was something we joked about, to the point
that when our brothers got married, we would share with there wives,
That mom was mom, and we no longer don't worry just be you!
And yet, I have become to realize, this is what has caused my sister
to be in some ways fragile in her relationship with out Mom...and because she was
fragile, her anger was turned to me.
You see, I am the one that looks most like our Mom...
Yet it is my sister who had more in common with our Mom.

Here we are! The end of May 2012. basically 1 yr and 2 months before we lost our
mom to Pancreatic cancer. She was fighting it for a year already in this picture...can you believe it!!
My sister is the beautiful brunette on the left. Then our mom and Me!

I had sold My Boutique in March That year. And my mom had a desire to go on a road trip.
she wanted to see battle fields, and Mt Rushmore. She and I wandered the back roads of the west, mid west
and truly had the time of our lives. We visited the oldest of our little brothers in Nebraska and then ended up at My be part of her wedding. A week later my husband and I also renewed our vows.
We choose to do this then...because we had no clue how long the Lord would give us our Mom.

I know, I am forever grateful we made that decision!

The top part of this pillow, is from the dress my mom wore in the picture above of all 3 of us!

But its also the dress she wore in one of my favorite pics of My Mom and Sister

This was taken in 2010..before cancer entered our lives. My mom and sister dancing
at one of our little brothers wedding's

I think of all the pillow's I have done..this is my favorite. I wanted it to be vintage lace, soft and beautiful
the other fabric was from a skirt my mom wore.
I added the burlap and vintage lace's...because that is me..and I wanted this Pillow to be
a part of our mom and a part of me!

And once again, I added Schatjie. It means sweetheart in Dutch and it was what my mom called
all those she loved...and she used that word in every way...Like, "Hello Schatji" or 'Happy Birthday Schatjie" but also if she heard something she didn't like..then it would be "Oh Schatji"

  I had the whole pillow lined due to the lace :)
and I wrote a note inside the Birthday card telling her the things our Mom loved about her...
(just like the other 3 memory pillows)
My sister could make our mom laugh, she has the gift of humor, and it brought much laughter
to our mom's life. She and my mom also loved to sew  and bake together.
Unlike my mom and sister. I cant follow a pattern. Anything I sew or make, comes from my mind,
and when that creative side gets going...I enjoy doing it alone. because the pattern is in my mind.
to sew with others means I cant concentrate or see the pattern in my mind...
But this is something our mom never understood about me...
So I didn't give her joy there like my sister did.

Our mom loved us all! But she had a hard time in the things we did that were different then her.
I have learned that we create the body and the soul comes from above...
the greatest gift I can give my children, my daughters,
is to allow them to be who the Lord intended them to be.
they have there own gifts and there own lives to live.
They are NOT suppose to be just like me.
they are to be who they are two be separate and apart from me.
The greatest gift i can give them as there to allow
the beauty of all our difference's...and let them fly free...

There is so much, I wish I would of known sooner about our Mom,
only because I love her so and wished I could of helped her see more...
But I know, the Lord had his plans and I know he was teaching me... and for whatever
reason..that is why things fell into place..only as our Mom was dying and not before.

Today I kept singing in my mind, sunrise sunset...

It was always a favorite song of our Mom's and many times
tears would come...its also one we all love.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Sister
Love from Mom and Me!


  1. Oh sweet Peggy Sue,
    Tears are streaming down my face as I read this story about you, your mom and your sister. And your beautiful pillow...
    love the lace and burlap. Breath-taking. And putting the word your Mom so often said on the pillow, a heart-felt gift to your sis.

    The relationship between mothers and daughters, and sisters and sisters, is mysterious. Often it is so close and yet so full of competition and tension. A mix of deep love and sometimes deep hurts. All of it captured in Fiddler on the Roof in Sunrise, Sunset. One of my favorite musicals.

    Your creativity is truly a gift from God!
    Blessings and prayers,
    Love Linda

  2. Thank you Linda, your words brought me tears....because of truth in them. I always truly looked up to and admired my mom and sister...perhaps because they were the 2 that were around me...since the moment I tool my first breath....but you wrote well about the mysterious dynamics :) love to you Linda!


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