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Friday, January 24, 2014

Life's Painful, beautiful Ride...

Life's painful, beautiful ride...
Is felt by all, at one time or another.
Life is just like that.
There is pain, or confusion, loss or trials,
betrayals or dishonesty's
It's a fog that at sometime, in all of our
lives...touches us.

It makes us wonder...were do I go from here?...
sometimes, for some, it's very hard to breath through.

It's like all happiness has been drained away...
and the journey of just breathing through it more
then we can bare.

These months...of January and February..seem always hardest.
for someone with happiness around them, these months
are hard..but for others were the trials have stacked up...
Breathing through these months, becomes pivotal.

One friend has lost her neighbor, the head of the company she worked for, her grandmother and her mother...all within
4 months..and then..they had to put the family dog down.
her pain is tangible and real...and she wonders...
when will it end???

Another Friend new that there relationship was struggling,
but never dreamed there spouse would walk away...
into the arms of another...after all these years...
lonely, heart wrenching Holidays and days...

Another friend, is craving affection and love...
from a spouse who has become a roommate.

Its that young 20 something girl...trying to figure her way through life...away from family, and on her own.

It's that young man trying to support his young family...and they cut his hours to only 3 days a week...then one.

Its a Dear blogger friend  who has been fighting stage IV breast cancer...who has had good news and bad, and a upcoming surgery. She shares with such grace, that she now is also a caregiver for her mother...But I know that with all her grace, Her life has had
 little time for laughter..and yet like me..she hangs on...
knowing laughter will come again...

Because I KNOW it will come again !
that is a promise!

It always does, it always has...slowly, like paddling upstream...To finally enjoy the ride down river.
 happiness and laughter does come again.

I use to tell my children, "for every day that comes, that is so hard
you feel you can't make it through...just hang in there...
for I can promise that just down the road, and around the corner
is a day that is so wouldn't want to miss it!"
It is a day that makes life so beautiful. a day that makes the spirit soar..and yes, these days come... no matter the circumstance.

The sun will always shine again...always... and how
can I make that promise? because I have been there.
And it works and in happens...because
we are loved that much, by our creator...and other's
because Life and Downs...
the pain teaches us, making the joy's so much

We are never truly alone...not ever. And that isn't just the Lord.
Every one of us, has someone's that love us..even if we are unaware...for one life always touches another..always...
you would be surprised the lives you and only you...have touched
and can touch!

One of my favorite Christmas movies is,
"Its a wonderful life"
for that movie shares that concept in the most
profound beautiful way...if you haven't seen it in awhile
hunt it down and watch it!
we are all truly a part of a whole!

A few years ago, I was going through a personal struggle
and on my way home...I saw this in the clouds...

I jumped out of my car and took this with my cell one 
else saw it...and how did this happen? a path through the clouds?
but the prof is right here... in this picture :) perhaps it was
a gift just for me :)

and then came this song

May you hang in there. May sunshine and smiles and much
laughter find you will, it truly will.
May you know you are loved.
May you feel the Lords arms around you in the biggest hug.
and may you know above all else...there is only
one YOU! and you touch other's

and for those in a happy good place,
Please keep others who are walking in the fog,
in your thoughts and prayers...
for each of us will experience that fog,
that pain, that least once in our lives...
and we are all part of a whole.

with Much love, and prayers to you all!  


  1. Oh dear Peggy Sue,
    What a wonderful and breath-taking post- wise words and pictures that tell a story. You are so right. In the midst of truly hard times it is often hard to breathe. And yet we are promised that our God is still with us, holding our hand. And the song by Rascal Flatts? I just loved it. The words ministered to my soul. While you and I have never met in person, I feel so blessed to know you. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. Lately you have been on my heart and in my prayers. And tomorrow,,,our dear Vicky's surgery.

    God Bless you, dear Peggy Sue. May you feel deep in your heart God's deep and abiding love for you. May you know the serenity that only He can bring.

    Loves, prayers and hugs from your friend,

  2. Thank you Linda, do you realize how the love you have for others pours out in your the most beautiful sincere way! you are So very AUTHENTIC!!! Thinking about Vicky today...with many prayers. Hugs and love to you, my new friend :)


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