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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Quite... New year

Quite new year, I fell asleep on you, as you drifted in...sound asleep in peaceful dreams...and woke to a tex that touched my heart..a perfect beginning to a year that holds so much, and probably nothing that I can begin to predict...for so much can happen in a year, so many much learning, times of laughter and times of tears..but I am ready for you...more then Ready....curious to see what you will teach me 2014, the paths you will lead me too..the things I can't foresee....but I know one thing for sure..I will embrace you, learn from you, and enjoy you all I can..for the gift is always in each precious day, each moment, each experience, and each person we get to meet....its called Life..and I am so glad to be a part of it.... 

Wishing you all a New Years of "life' wonderful unpredictable LIFE! and all the joys. laughter, tears, and moments..wonderful moments that make life so worth living.


  1. Beautifully stated! Amen to all of it Peggy Sue- such hope filled words of love and life! Happy 2014 friend- may it be filled with blessings to last throughout the year!

  2. Thank you Vicky! That means the world to me! and 'Ditto' beautiful lady!

  3. Happy New Year, dear Peggy Sue,
    As this glorious year unfolds, may you know the LOVE of Jesus tenfold. may you feel His JOY, PEACE, and COMFORT.
    May you feel gratitude for each gift, even the hardest lessons. May you know the joy you bring to others. Your sweet caring and kind words must make our Lord smile. You are a gift to me!
    Love from your friend!

  4. Oh Thank you Linda! I am so humbly honored when someone leaves me a message! And the same back to you! your an inspiration with your post's!!! what a beautiful soul you are!


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