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Sunday, August 10, 2014

A little Cottage Guest Room

Welcome! It's a quiet Sunday at our Farm.
won't you take a walk with me...?
I will show you around our
lil Cottage Guest Room

In the Morning's this is what one See's when we walk outside
our side back door and onto the brick Patio.
the Lil Cottage guest Room is
separate, but close to the house.

I love the Morning sun, filtering through the tree's
and the scamper of squirrel's and the singing of birds
Our Grand kids love to take the little green path you see
to the right of the cottage.

This Lil cottage was used as a storage shed!
Before we bought the house, it was so full...
I had no clue that besides some major cleaning and bugging
it was ready to go!
I was so thrilled!
This gives you a view to see the layout better and how close
it is to our back door and the patio area that is between the House
and Cottage.

This is even further out...I am standing on our driveway :)
I love all the tree's and Vegetation...
I have been surprised by all the floral growth.

I love our 'wishing well'. (Yes there is a real well under there :)
These are more late afternoon evening pictures.

There is only a very short time that the sun
hits the front door to the Cottage.
with the tree's and being on a hill
we usually have a wonderful breeze coming through
to keep things cooler on warm summer days.

This is the back/side of the cottage looking
towards our home.

Morning Glories on the lil fence by the Cottage

An the pathway the grand kids love to take..leads to this area
of the yard.

We put up this reproduction Vintage Humming bird feeder
and now we have plenty of humming birds
enjoying the patio/ cottage as well.

I tucked a lil bench down here...why?
because as a child I was so into Little people...
I wanted them to be exists..
we call this a fairy bench :)

And this Little Vintage Bunny is what you
saw in most the pic's
next to the green pathway the grand kids love to take
to the back of the cottage.

If you were to Join us for a evening and spend the night.
This is the View that would greet you in the Morning as 
you opened the Cottage Guest Room door.
So now we have seen the grounds around the lil
Lets take a peak inside...

Morning time at Owl creek Farm Cottage
I love the way the morning lite shines
on the bed.

When I first envisioned this space I was going to take a single
bed and turn it into a day bed using a old door...
I wanted to have more space for creativity.
But with 5 siblings, 5 children and 5 grandchildren so far...
not counting spouses and nieces and nephew's
sometimes we have a crew surrounding us.

This curtain I made, using all my left over fabric's and vintage lace.
So far there is only One set of curtains in here.
I was trying to get this space up and running for the 
4th of July weekend
I had 3 siblings and kids here.
this was the only window that had no blind.

Can you see the 3 D fabric flowers? they make
these curtains unique and so cottage!

Love the Vintage pulls on the windows!
I don't think these windows had been scrubbed
in 20 plus years!

View looking back at the door. I will get the other curtains made and up
and also paint some of the furniture pieces at a later date.
in unpacking and moving
I have just wanted to get thing's clean and up
and running :)

The wicker chair, I have had for several years.
It sat on the front porch at one of our homes.
above it you can see a vintage Medicine cabinet. and
Vintage prints. The prints I got for only $4 a piece in there frames.

The vintage end table was given to me by a friend.
The solid crystal lamp was a find for only $10 at the
goodwill, the lil welcome sign was .50 and then I added
a basket with books. I use vintage Linen's all the time!
I wanted this space to be relaxing...

I love Vintage children's prints...
notice there are no I-pad's, phones,
or electronics in these pictures...ha ha ha
just a good ol book and snacks :)
The medicine cabinet
will have little lotions and soaps in it...toothpaste etc..
above it is a wooden rag doll friendship plate.

This gives the view showing the other side of the door...
we found a lil desk for $15 at a garage sale.

From the door looking to the left.
the only thing new we had to get...was a AC unit :)
a cottage clock hangs from the corner.
and a door shelf with some fun
little figurines
and a picture of 3 of our girls in there grandma's
garden's when they were small.

My pride and Joy is my towel hanger.
I am probably  not the first to think of this
but as of yet, had not seen this.
It's a old plow.. it's upside down
and I  scrubbed it up, it made a perfect hanging spot for towels 
and washrags! 

To the left side of the bed,
I found a very small table...
perfect for this spot
and perfect to hold a lamp. And in a space like 
this, everyone needs to have the light to relax and read.
I made this cottage lamp!
it was very simple and easy..
click the link below to see how :)

The bed holds meaning for me. It was bought over 15 years ago...
My biological grandmother had  passed away, on my biological dad's
 side of the family. Even though my Biological dad wasn't a part of my life
my grandma always stayed in dad passed away before his mother
and that meant there was a small inheritance to share with
my sister and 3 half sisters...just enough to get a solid pine Amish  made bed.
it is queen size. I didn't want the money just to go to Bill's
so this bed reminds me of her and the father I never truly new.

 The linens on this bed are all 100% cotton... Yes, I iron them.
they are miss-match of vintage linen's but there is nothing
cozier and softer then cotton! 
and I always love Vintage embroidered pillows!!

another view...the lamp on the little desk, is one i gave my Mom
it is like a old lantern and the shade says, Faith, Hope and Love...with tea-cups.

I hope you enjoyed our walk about and tour.
as things progress I will be posting up dates.
I would love to hear from you...
I love coming into this space...
a place to Read, Relax and Dream...
have a wonderful Sunday evening, and week :)


  1. I love the detail and story behind each treasure you so lovingly use! You have a very special talent for seeing how to use each item and make them all so cozy and creative! I can only imagine how restful the night would seem in such a warm and inviting space to rest and restore oneself. Thank you for the grand tour- its all so lovely!

  2. Thanks Vicky! it is a very tranquil spot and I love peaceful place's. If you and I lived closer together...on those days were it seems to hectic..I would say, "here is the key...go read, relax and dream for a few hours..... :)

  3. Oh Peggy Sue,
    My heart just swells as I take this tour of your amazing guest house...oh, the details.
    I love everything from the vintage hummingbird feeder, to the outside of the guest house, to the quilts on the bed. It recalls a time from the past and makes my heart feel the comfort of home.

    Gifted, that's what you are, sweet friend...just gifted in making a house a HOME and a guest cottage a place of love and healing.So, so inviting!

    Sending you hugs and loves!


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