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Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Little Vintage Grand baby/Kids room

Our Grand baby/kids room is done for now...this
means up and running and functional!
it has been for awhile now, one of the first rooms
I tackled.
Down the road this will be painted!  and when the bonus area is done!
well..Oh will look so different once again.
Because we have 3 granddaughters and 2 grandson's
I choose to incorporate many colors :)

I must have succeeded in it NOT looking so girly...
because our soon to be 5 year old grandson is staying here...
and he so does not do girl colors...
as I was getting the pic's ready for this post..he said,
"Nana that is my room"
I said Yes, it is...with a grin.
He and his Momma are staying for a few months

I fell in love with this bed! and got such a good deal on it!
It is full size :)
and I have a vintage chenille patchwork quilt on it.
the Vintage Bear comes from there  Great Granny
the seal and panda are from our own children when they were young.

Our little vintage end table was painted
in the wonderful aqua blue's and distressed!
I found a vintage barbie case..and yes there are barbies in there :)
and some vintage books.

This mason jar lamp I made for our youngest daughter who is now 22yrs
many moons ago when she was into teddy bears!
I made several of these and will have a post about them later :)
each jar was made for the child/ family member to fit who they 
were at that time of there life.
so this held a small Boyd's bear, a gently bunny and a little cup
that says love!

Our vintage grand babies are on the wall! we are missing one...
our youngest grandson. he is only 9 months old
and we have to see..what fits him yet!
but our 5 year old grandson...NEW that was HIM on the wall
the resemblance that strong..
to read about our vintage Grand babies...
click on this link below

I choose to put a stencil tree up for now...because
down the road this will be painted.
I usually paint things on the walls
this stencil wasn't as tall as I I did it my way!

Above the bed! so they know how loved they are!
I added the lil canvas print, on clearance for $2 to add more
boy into this room :)

This is the vintage doll high chair I painted up!
we now have 2 more vintage High chairs
given to me by the Gr. Granny!

For now, the lil Reproduction Vintage kitchen is here,
in the dormer area! along with the Cutest lil Vintage child's
 Ice-cream parlor set! given to us by there Gr. Granny!
Above the lil kitchen is a embroider I did when I was waiting on
my first baby to be it is 26 years old :)
the shelf holds homemade stuffed animals and such from there Gr Granny
and a picture of our 5 at the lake many moons ago!
also 3 Birth cross stitches that my mom made for
3 of our girls!
The Kitchen seems to be a HIT! lol

There is a phone on the side of this Kitchen! and one grand daughter always
calls her cousins to tell them, "I am making dinner
it will be done in 20min. please come over" and
I laugh and smile as she cooks and sings

This rocking horse was made 20 years ago. It was for one of our daughters Birthday!
money was tight back then. Mu husband made it,
and I painted has a mop as a tail.
on top sits a vintage quilt bear!
this bear ends up many days in the Vintage High chair,
one grand daughter thinks that is were it should be all the time!
and it's the first thing she does when she come into this room! :)

This shows the view to the hallway...but see the door on the right?
this is why this room was picked as the grand babies room.
the previous owners...called it a closet....

But this space is much more then a closet!

It is over 20ft by 10 ft of bonus room!
it has the wonderful vinyl double hung window like the rest of the home..
the kind that can be washed standing one spot!
all electrical is there..and it just needs the AC/ Heat vent's to it paint and carpet.
this is going to be the grand babies/ kids play room...
with maybe a couple single beds :)
as it is now..they love to run into this space!
so this is why down the road this room will look much different :)

another view from the doorway to what till be the playroom...this room also
has gorgeous solid brass sconce lighting

I found this Vintage 'Huldah print' for $10 I loved it!

Another view. the closet doors are off track, a easy fix..but hubby
has not gotten around to it! and I decided if I waited...
well ummm I would never get these pic's up! lol

Its a fun space! a cozy space..a space were they all go
when they first come to Nana's and Papa's

this lil grandson climbed the stairs for the first time, a few days ago...
and at the top, he went left..right into the room with all the toys!
at 9 months..he new...then we slid down the stairs
and climbed back up 3 more times.
the stairs are steep..and he is strong!

And when your a Nana you know how fast time fly's
how babies grow up way to fast...
and that is why, I wanted a room...
that was created for them, there imaginations
and good old childhood fun!

I love you all so much our Little Star's
you twinkle and shine
and bring such
to our lives! 


  1. Oh my sweet friend,
    Not only do I love the photograph of your home at the top of your blog, taking this wonderful home tour of the grand baby/ little kids room was a pure delight. I loved the vintage bed and glorious quilt, the little stove, every detail filled with love. I especially loved the photos of your grand babies and seeing you playing with them. :)

    Your home shows so much of who you are....your big heart and deep appreciation for vintage artifacts and antiques. I LOVED seeing more of where you live.

    This Friday I am headed to Cannon Beach for a week so I'll be leaving technology behind.
    Didn't want you to worry.

    Loves, hugs and prayers, sweet Peggy Sue...always prayers.

  2. Oh how I want to come and play! Love your attention to detail and I can't imagine how much time and effort you have put into creating this adorable and cozy space! One of my bucket list items- ha- is grandchildren! I hope I live to see the day when I can decorate a space just like you! I have so many vintage treasures just tucked away in case we can put them into use again someday.

    Beautiful work- the love pours out of every corner!

    Love to you Peggy Sue!

  3. Oh Thank you ladies...having a cozy home..has always been important to home is my space from the sometimes hectic world...and I love to share that cozy feel with those who enter it... Vicky I think your bucket list item aka Grandchildren is PERFECT! love love loved that! I say that is a very possible bucket list item/items :) made me smile WAY big! Linda, enjoy your trip..I am a bit enviouse..summer is slipping by..and I have yet to do any real summer time lakes, holidays, camping, or a weekend trip...hummm need to rectify that :) love you ladies very much! because your just you's :)


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