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Friday, May 23, 2014

The 'Owl creek Farm' Home tour

Warm weather has arrived, and like everyone else...we are enjoying it!
Yet I am falling behind on pictures of this new home of ours...
this pic, was taken on the patio, Sunday morning...
we are still in love and in awe of this new place,
we call home!

Most of the home is pictured in this post. These are before pic's... :)
the dinning room was pictured in the post before this one.

So welcome to Our farm house

This is our living room
with beautiful wood mantel and Marble fireplace

This is the before move in pic...I choose to keep the drapes for now..they are very nice...
but the Valance's made the windows look to small...

I love bright and lite :)
this living room goes into a library/den area

Here is the opposite view. Showing the other fireplace and the Library den area.
our furniture is a bit sparse in this area...but we have plans :) This Library has floor to ceiling book cases
It reminds my grand daughters of 'Bell' in the castle Library.
To the left you can see the entrance to the dinning can also see
the hallway with the staircase..and the cutest lil half bath 
under this staircase

This is our front door..solid brass and we have a very special key

And my Grand daughters eye's get wide..for only a mini castle..has this kind of Key :)

And the doors, have unique beautiful wonderful
solid brass knobs!

The little half bath under the a Princess/ prince
bathroom! Because...

It has the perfect lil dental sink and sold brass Lion fixtures!
2 of our grand daughters were so thrilled they could reach the sink..
they washed there hands 3 times! I found the perfect mirror Yesterday to go in here!

The perfect lil princess/ prince bathroom
down the road I will take better pictures of this.

At the top of the stairs is built in dressers in the closets...
big solid and wonderful!

This is the beautiful brass upstairs hall light.
If you turn to the right on the top of the stairs,  you come to the upstairs bathroom
across from these wonderful closest

Oh the plans I have for this bathroom
and it's vanity :)

This bathroom also has sconces lighting
if you walk past this bathroom,
you come to the upstairs guest room.

This room has amazing views...and the birds can be heard singing
through the windows!

Notice the brass curtain rode? I had never seen one...I took all the other fixtures down...
the simplicity of these solid brass Rod's was beautiful enough.

Another view, and once again the beautiful brass sconce lighting!
as you can see, my style is just made up off many things I love.

The view down the hallway to the other bedroom...
Our grand baby room or kids room...
I will show that at a later date...still tweaking some things there :)

close up on the sconce's :)

Bottom of the stairs. How I love the wood and curve's.

down to the basement we go next...

I created a sewing room/ laundry room combo
in this space...the basement is not 100% finished.

The sewing room holds many things that my mom had in her sewing room...things i gave her,
and things left behind... this I made for her many years ago. it was my first attempt at painting a
rose...not so good..but I was thrilled you could tell what it
This is the first time, I have ever had a sewing room...a space
for all my sewing and craft things.

This has a variety of a lil bit of this...and lil bit of that...

This is the full view of this side.

The lamps in this room...I gave her, this pillow I made her
and the angel was the last birthday gift...on her last birthday...
along with several other lil things.

The mom knitted for one of her Gr Grand daughter's. the purple bracelet
i wore during the last 2 years and her fighting cancer...
the little sewing machine sign I also made her...
much that you see in this room was gifts to my own mother...
and you can see the last picture of us alone...
taken on mothers day May 2013

This is the laundry side of this room.

From the top of the basement steps this is what you see...the door strait ahead is our
other guest room...I am calling it...
'The Montana room'

The Montana room has a king size bed and all our Pine furniture!

This space is cool in the summer and warm in the winter...and it has it's very own...

Half bath :)
I will show the before pic's of the master suite, kitchen and grand children/ kids room
soon! we have been busy with family, company and
grand babies...

This lil one, loved helping her Nana and Pa pa in the gardens!

Once she was OK to have dirt between your toes...
she literally had the time of her life! 
here she is with Papa and Uncle Bubba!

This lil grand daughter also loved loved the farm :)

But...when she checked the mail and found a spider on the mail...
well that just didn't impress her much!

Soooooo if we are slow at's because
its warmer and we are all enjoying
our farm...and home :)  (our oldest Grand daughter as the sunset!)


  1. What a breath of fresh air! I just feel the warmth oozing out of this cozy little nest you've created. So pretty and fresh looking! I feel peaceful just looking at the pictures! Yes- go and enjoy and "be" in your new space and all of us will just wait till its time for you to come back and visit here again!

  2. Oh sweet Peggy Sue,
    I am enthralled by this tour, every twist and turn. Beauty and creation and creativity and vintage-love everywhere! And SO much accomplished in such a short time. You just moved.:) :)

    My heart is moved by the old-fashioned elegance and simplicity, all rolled into one.
    The turn of the gorgeous curvy wooden bannister, your sewing room almost bursting with an invitation to create. I love picturing you in the library and imagine the books on those shelves.

    How I would love to sit with you in some of these corners, sipping tea and chatting about life and love and God and family! I just cannot get over how happy it makes me to see your home and know how happy you are in it!

    And your precious grand baby! She looks like you. To see you in the garden with her? Priceless!

    Enjoy! Enjoy! His creation and your long dreamt about home-of-your-heart!
    God Bless, sweet friend!

  3. I am absolutely LOVING your house tours! You must feel like you won a lottery - it is the most charming house with the most gorgeous grounds. Your furniture looks like it BELONGS in this house. It was truly meant to be that you are there! Have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend! P.S. Did you by any chance get the email I sent to you earlier this week?


  4. Thank you beautiful ladies! It has been an amazing journey! My hands itch to paint and create..but the next 2 months are so busy with a trip back to Montana..we still have a load up another moving truck full! My brother Graduating as a RN in Portland Or. and most of my siblings coming the 4th of July ..and then there is the wedding towards the end of july... And we need to get the exterior of the 1920's bungalow we bought painted, fenced and healed the home must wait for now :) Donna, I did get your e-mail yesterday. it was such a wonderful surprise and I wrote you back :) You truly made my day! hope all of you have a wonderful memorial weekend! hugs and love to you all!!


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