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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dream's and Blessing's

"If one advances confidently
in the direction of his dreams,
and endeavors to live the life
which he has imagined, he 
will meet with success
unexpected in common hours"
~Henry David Thoreau

After 3 years of knowing, 1 1/2 years of looking, and  8 months of
Our Offer on this Cape cod was accepted!
Our closing is a bit delayed, because this home was well loved for 38 yrs.
that is a lot of life, love and living to pack up!

So I think, I am still having a hard time believing...soon very soon
this home will be 'Ours'.

knowing: My husband is a only child. and 3 years ago I new we had to move
closer to his parents. for over 24 years he has lived far away...seeing them once, twice maybe a few times a year.

Looking: As I packed up to join him on the road over 1 1/2 yrs ago,  we started looking for homes in this area.

Searching: for 8 months the search has been daily, we would find something we loved, only to hear it was under contract, or taken off the Market...this didn't happen once, twice..but
3 times... The other homes we liked were either to far to commute or to 
far out of our price range.

What was our list of Needs?
Land, Land, Land
not bare land
picture perfect land, 
mature tree's, but with some views
park like, but our park :)
So the homes That we loved, were on 3-5 acre's  with mature tree's around the home's
Older home
we love older homes,
we don't know why..there is a 
with them, they have such amazing character,
I don't want a cookie cutter or sub-division home.
our demands on size..not much at all.
2 bedroom's 1 bath would work...if the land was right!
YES...Land..that is what has always
made my soul fly free.

Noticed I said 'Need's' List... we all have certain needs...not wants needs

I don't need granite counter top's
or the high dollar upgraded appliance's
Please don't get me wrong, I realize for many
this is important... and I wouldn't mind having them.
It's just that isn't so important to me.   I Also see beautiful big homes,
that I admire and love all the time...But as I mentioned it just isn't
 important to me

the feel of the land...that is important to me...!!!
that is who I am...!!! A true need.

Before I go any further...I wanted to share some pic's
on what I dream... :)
(Hang Paul Harvey would say....)

 I found these using google
they are not mine!
I believe we can turn anything..into beauty!  
and cozy!

  Look how wonderful this Kitchen with old
But it's the 'feel' I love! So speaks love!

   Even a small kitchen can hold
all we need and eludes such inviting charm!

How fun and colorful is this country cottage kitchen???
Everything work's together..all the colors, different just work's
and wouldn't you enjoy being in this space?
I sure would!

Then I dream of the grand babies room....

something like this...

or like this...

And yes...I think of our grandson's too... :)

Dream's and waiting...and that brings us
to the REST of the story...

At 22 yrs old. Those close to me,
new one thing...someday Peggy wanted a home on 20 acres...
I have had homes on nice Lot's
on a acre and 4 acre's.

with 5 children so close together, 
3 in braces (No, insurance didn't cover that)
Also license and insurance (yes, we were one of those family that when
3 kids got on our car insurance someone had to get kicked off
and on there feet before we could add more)
and then there was college
and wedding's
well you get the idea...
the dream faded. I was happy with my park like acre,
happy in the 4 acre with private wood paths...

Yet it seems when I wasn't looking, My dream found me.
I truly wasn't looking for the dream or dream home...
just the list I mentioned above...
And yet every home we liked..was pulled away.
to the point...I was talking to the heaven's...
"lord why?"

I new that if they were not meant to be, that must mean
there was something better out there...but
even tho I share these words all the time..
they were becoming dim even in my own head..
I tend to be the frugal one, the one that puts everyone
Else's wants and dreams first...In our family. (something I am working on..
that it's OK to Put 'me' first at times)
But the Lord new..what I could not know...
he had a home, a dream home, in our price range...
and it is on...
Can you guess?

20 ACRES!!!

a park like area surrounds the home...
But there is more:
A wonderful Old red barn
a pond
Pasture, and farmland
wooded area and a 
And for Hubby a 4 car garage and single car garage.

But there is still more...this isn't little...
and Big was not on my list of needs...this is a wonderful
2600 sq feet!
3 bed 2 full bath 2 half bath and two non-conforming bedroom/rooms

Oh I feel so blessed and so great full!
It seems when I all but forgot my dreams
the Lord smiled down and simply
said...remember me...

"Delight Thyself also in the lord and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart"
Psalm 37:4 


  1. Oh Peggy Sue,
    There are tears cascading down my face. I am SO, SO, SO thrilled for you that your prayer was answered. God knew your heart and your dream...and now a perfect home for you and your hubby...and 20 acres, just as you prayed for.

    I can't stop grinning! You are such a wonderful and kind and giving person that it makes me so HAPPY to know how happy you are. And that photo of your new home in the snow...absolutely
    adorable, cozy, perfect and ready for the vintage feel you will bring to it!

    And the other photos...of possible rooms. You will have such a blast doing this and creating a HOME that speaks to your heart. I so wish I lived closer as I LOVE to create spaces that tell a story and sing to my soul. We could share a cup of tea and create together.

    Thank you Jesus for smiling on dear Peggy Sue!
    Sending loves and hugs your way as I celebrate with you, dear friend!
    God Bless!
    Love Linda

  2. Oh, this is going to be so exciting. The house is gorgeous and I love your inspiration pictures... Do I recognise the first one from somewhere ;) I hope each little thing you do in that house will be on the blog.

  3. Thank you ladies...I am truly so excited..having a hard time grasping it all...and YES I will post pic's...what a wonderful ride!

  4. Oh I am late to the party- but what a celebration it is!! I can just tell you will transform this place into everything your heart desires and then some :) And to think its 20 acres and everything you've ever dreamed about. I just love the timing of this and think its answered prayer for sure!! So happy for this new adventure for you!!


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