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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Sunshine 'Guest bedroom' were happiness abides!

Above the bed in French;
"Peace, Love and Joy to all who enter here"

My sister's youngest daughter, is in her second year off college!
My sister decided it was time to turn her room, into a
guest room :)
My sister has one guest bedroom,
But this one was created around a gorgeous Queen size quilt.
A quilt Our mom spent 2 years or more working on! 
she made it for her own room...out of 1930's reproduction fabric.
When our mom passed away, my sister received this quilt.
All summer between work and travels my sister worked on
her guest bedroom!
So when she called to say, "it is done'
I grabbed my camera and went...knowing full well,
it would be photo worthy and blog worthy!
I was not disappointed.

She spent one whole day, with a laser tapping off the room!
 The end result's..."oh full of sunshine, happiness and peace"

Join me to take a look at her 'Paris Room'

The moment I saw this, a smile formed!

The other side of the room before...

And After! so bright and light...and so perfect
for our mom's quilt! this quilt our mom hand quilted after 
all the hours of cutting it and putting it together! As
you can see it's a generous Queen size!
In the background you can see another quilt hanging!
My sister made our mom this quilt when she was diagnosed with
Pancreatic cancer. so the colors are in purple's.
My sister is a avid cross stitcher..and
she was in a on-line club and her fellow
cross stitching ladies sent cross stitches to her, from 
around the world...

All the different squares are about courage and hope. And the
women signed there names!
the upper right one Say's " Peace does not mean to be in a
place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means
to be in the most of these thing's and still be
calm in your heart."
Our mother cherished and loved this quilt and all
the women who were rooting for her.

The quilt rack shelf holds lil memento's
the lil bear cup and two mice. are gifts I gave my sister.

My sister painted all the furniture piece's. She found 2 beautiful vintage
pillow cases' s to use as shams. I love the big yellow button accent pillow!

What a beautiful bed to rest and relax in!

Here you can see how our mom blanket stitched around each heart on the quilt!
she had the room, set for Tea! something our Dutch mother loved!
this is only part of our Mom's Royal Albert china set.
When my oldest daughter gets married.
she will be the recipient of this set.

My sister found this lil end table for $35 at a flea market.
above it is Mary Engelbreit plates... my mom
always loved her pattern's and colors.

Vintage linen's and vintage china and glassware.
all found at flea market and small antique shops.

This picture shows the right side of the room better.
A shelf with small guest T.V and a painted yellow vanity in the background.

On this shelf is a bird house and candy jar...these will be filled with
goodies before guest arrive. I love the Pink wooden clock!
and above is a cross stitch my sister did..she only brought it out
at Easter. it however fit this room perfect..and found it's permanent home!

love this on the other side of the bed :)

This guest room has it's own full bath and walk in closet!!
right below the window is our 'Oma's sewing box. It went to my
mom and now my sister. Oma is dutch for 'Grandma'.

The vanity! isn't it darling! in the basket is extra personal item's
 toothbrush and lotion's etc.

i love this vintage lamp and the vintage linen :)

By this vanity is a puzzle my sister and her daughter put together...
it fits perfect in this room!

This chair I just had to save for last...she used reproduction 1930's
fabric. And the fabric is cotton, so it has no stretch! My sister allowed
she would NOT be attempting to do this again and time soon...
But I just love this chair...
have you ever seen a happier chair?
the curtains she also sewed...
and above the chair???

Another puzzle! this one our mom helped with on one of 
her visits to see my sister...and that is why...

I believe it will be in this sister will 'feel' our mom
at moments when she least expects them...
My mom will be sitting in this chair...looking at 
all the beauty, feeling the peace and happiness...
Because I know..our mom would have LOVED this room! 

There is also a very lovely view from this room...
it just Ad's to it's appeal!

when we came to the United States years ago...
we had a alarm clock..and when it went off
it would sing the tune off
"oh what a beautiful morning"
my mom learned the lyrics and from her
so did my sister and I...
she use to sing this song many morning's...
a memory I almost forgot...
But I felt that she would sing it in this room..I could hear her...
how she loved to sing. Even tho she didn't have the greatest voice..
what her voice lacked in pitch..was made up for in her pure
joy of singing anyway!

so I share this song with you :) 

The first person to get to stay in this guest room is arriving soon.
It is my sister's mother in-law.
My sister's husband is having surgery for a non-cancerous
tumor! however the tumor is located in the back of his ear and into the brain. at this point
that is almost just as dangerous
They need to remove it. Her husband will loose all
his hearing in that ear. there is a possibility of mild facial paralysis.
I ask for prayers for them.
he will loose balance and need to re-learn thing's
 but eventually within several weeks
all should be normal!
 I think our mom will be hanging out with
his this room
I trust and have faith...that all will go well.

I hope you enjoyed this room! I sure loved it and enjoyed sharing it!
have a wonderful week!


  1. Oh Peggy Sue,
    What a wonderful room and just gazing at these photographs relaxes my heart and makes me smile. I am in LOVE with the quilt your Mom made. Oh my goodness. What a commitment of time, creativity, love and energy. And the happiest chair I have ever seen. I can imagine your Mom's spirit right in that chair, gazing on all that is going on. So welcoming! I had never imagined using puzzles with a frame.:)

    Thank you, sweet friend, for this tour. I LOVE this room.
    I'll be praying for your sister's family, especially with her husband's surgery.

    Thank you too for "Oh what a beautiful morning!" One of my old favorite songs!
    And the card you sent me, and the beautiful handkerchief, I was so touched I cried. I love you too!
    Loves, hugs and prayers to you, always prayer!

  2. Its a wonderful room...I felt so at peace, so good there! thank you for your comment's linda...always :)


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