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Friday, September 19, 2014

Three Re-purposed dresser's

Next month we have two sibling Grand baby's
who's birthday's are only 2 days apart.
This little family choose to move back to Montana...
2 days after I came back from the wedding...they 
were gone...

we are making a trip to Montana because we have one small load
still left of our thing' this time we also
take some of there thing's that were left behind...

This is a young family, so just covering the bill's
is there greatest challenge. 

Our little Grandson who will be one in October has his own
room for the first time...but the only thing in his room
is a playpen that he sleep's in...

Nana decided to give him a room for his Birthday :)
His momma wanted Green...

So my inspiration came from this pottery barn Valance...
I got it of ebay for $9.00 shipping and all.
and it was sent directly to them.

I found this dresser for $35 and almost forgot
to take a before picture.

And here is his dresser after. This dresser was in good condition!
I sprayed painted the original handles a sage green...
the drawers are a soft beige.

I added 'Nana' paw prints :)
I found the lamp and toy's at goodwill. the lamp was only
the other toys came in a $2.50 goodie bag!!!
I washed them and got batteries and have already sent the toy's in
a care package to them.

I painted the lil car on the lamp base a sage green. It was blue and i painted
the trim on the lamp shade and the car on the lampshade also a sage
green to Ty it into his room.

I added a little owl :) so they know it was made with love :)

I found shelf's at goodwill and the red rack...
The heart shelf was at the red rack and was $5.99
the plain shelf was $2.99 at goodwill and the
little Noah's ark rack was only $1.99
then I found the little wooden chair at goodwill for $3.99

These two shelf's are for our grandson's room
I love the pegs that allow
for a backpack and coat.

As i was doing the pic's to this post..I realized I didn't have a picture of the lil
chair all finished. I found a cute vintage picture for it and wrote
our grandson's name on his chair. I will
have to take a picture of it once his room is all set up :)

This little grandson, we were told was a girl!!!
It was 'Nana" who saw that this little girl
had a 'package' when she entered the world
the soul laughter is brought me,
not even 3 months after my mother passed away
had me laughing for day' can read that fun post
here by clicking the link below

we wouldn't trade this lil man
for anything...

He is the happiest, easy going, laid back...
lil man!

These two grandchildren we are very close too...very...
so being this far away is a bit difficult, hard and worrisome.

His bond tho....was made with his Papa,
for Papa it was the first grandchild he got to see
grow in there first year of life on a regular basis.
Papa always worked out of town, he missed out on allot
of children growing up and grand babies growing up.
Papa's nick name for this little grandson is 'Poot'

This was the last time I held was the first of August...
I was saying Good-bye...
The reason, he bonded with see his big all Nana's girl!
and adjusting to little brother, when Nana came, she came running...
passing everyone throw herself into Nana's arm's
and that leads us to the dresser I did
for a grand daughter who has stolen my heart completely.

This dresser I got for $30...but it had a warped top and
didn't have all the fun lines as the other dresser.
I had to wood glue the top and use some screws to get it back were
it belonged.

Here is the dresser after. In this picture you will see that
the drawer with the princess is a bit off kilter...
we fixed that..but alas I have no picture of it and will take one
once her room is set up.

I added some wooden embellishments to dress it up more!
and there was a knob clearance all the wonderful
knobs were only $2.00 and $2.50 but there was Not
enough we used 2 of each kind :)

I was 2 knob's short, so I took two of the original knobs and
painted them pink.

the princess stencil..was only $2.99
and it added that wonderful girl'y touch...
I hope she lights up..with the princess dresser
Nana made for her...
all the dressers are lined with new contact paper.

And Nana added a signature..for made with love!

When this little grand daughter came into the world...
It was the first birth I saw...funny but even with my own,
there was never a mirror or anything...
and so I had no clue that Babies 'Blossom'
they come out and unfold in a way that
is so beautiful and such a miracle!

Her momma was single...her Daddy was there...
but quickly things got very chaotic.
so to this grand daughter, I became
the second parent...

It was truly not a position I wanted...because
of my own heart strings...and leaving in 2012
to go on the road was one of the hardest decision's I had to make.
The greatest gift I could give my own daughter..was
her daughter, and the greatest gift I could give this
grand daughter was her momma.

In some ways it was like the movie, raising Helen..
I was there to show her be a mom.
she has the natural mom gene and is a very
hyper vigilant mom..but she was nervous
so when this little grand baby had colic...her
momma got nervous...babies feel this...
so she calmed down in Nana' arm's...
and that was hard on our Mother daughter dynamic...
YES, I was the other parent...
and I don't love her more...
I know her, I am bonded for life
with this little thing
that runs to Nana every time I show up!

 we made her shelf to match her dresser. she has a single bed, a sparkly curtain,
and a night stand in her room.

I received a phone call yesterday..from my "poppie' that is my dutch version
of dolly :)
in the box with her brothers toy's were also some toys for her...
and Nana found this princess dress for only $5.99 I washed and Ironed
it and sent it to her..she was so excited :)

Her momma, got to hang out with princess Belle
all day yesterday...oh how Nana would have
loved that!
but we will be seeing them next month!
and that brings us to the last dresser

This was my husbands dresser growing up.
In real good condition!

and I turned it into this for our daughter :)

My daughter also like we changed the knobs on this one 
as well!

I added a wood embellishment
and slightly distressed this dresser.

The knobs. this picture came out lighter

And this Picture came out a bit darker...
but I love how this turned out :)

can I ask for prayers for this daughter and her family!
they are young, but with 2 children
she is a wonderful mom and her children
have changed her life...but it takes more then
love to raise takes money..
and we are in that spot...with helping,
but not wanting to in's
a hard spot to be ...when your
heart loves the way it does.

Thank you! for stopping by!  


  1. Oh my dear Peggy Sue,
    This post just tugs at my heart in SO many ways. Again, you and I are so alike.
    One of my favorite hobbies is redoing furniture and bringing it back to a new life.
    Usually I sand and re-stain old vintage and antique pieces. It brings me such deep JOY to see them re-purposed and loved by a new owner.

    And you love doing this too and your beautiful dressers are AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE each dresser that you repurposed- the color of paint, the details you added, the fun knobs and embellishments. Made with love each one for a special family who has your heart.

    Seeing the pictures of you with these darling grand babies speaks to a kind of deep love and devotion that I truly understand. Having a grandchild is such a blessing to my heart.
    Like you, I am a Nana and I would go to the ends of the earth for my grandchildren. I can only imagine how it tore at your heart to leave in 2012 and again to see them move to Montana. They bring me such deep JOY! I loved seeing your pictures with these two angels and I'm SO glad you get to see them soon. And the Belle costume you found and ironed...priceless!

    My two daughters both live in Spokane so we have a very special bond with those five grandchildren. Just yesterday I played "super heroes" with Owen (3 years old) who had been waiting in the front yard for me to arrive. He had a mask and cape for me to wear so we could play "super Nana" (and of course he had his already on) :) Oh how those hours lightened my heart as I played with him and helped his 11 year old sister to design her "new pre-teen bedroom." I came back home SO filled with LOVE!

    Loves to you sweet friend! May your day be filled with love and JOY and a deep sense of the presence of your Heavenly Father. I'm sending you prayers, always prayers!
    Much love,

  2. Dear Peggy Sue,
    Just want you to know I've been including your daughter and her family in my prayers!
    Love you, sweet friend!

  3. Oh, Peggy, you are too, too sweet for words and oh-so-talented! Please send me your email address. I got your card and want to thank you so much for it :) ... Donna

  4. Oh thank you ladies... I do love making something old...pretty again! Donna I emailed you :)
    linda, your words mean the world to me.....just love you all!


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