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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Wedding (update on The one of a kind Vintage wedding gown :)

The wedding pictures finally made it...
into the hands of the Bride and groom...
(Love this pic...and the sunlight....)
For those of you just joining can click on the link
below to see the first post :)

The week before the wedding...we had rain..lots and lots of rain!
The day before the wedding...sunshine came...
and we spent hours setting up the venue...
all hands on deck!
now that the pictures are back...
I am so glad I took pic's of the Venue...
because there are no other pic's of it!!!
alas, I didn't get all the area's..and the lighting was
4'o'clock sunshine and the maid of honor
(yours truly)
 was running 2 hours late!!!

 We created a entrance,
using a homemade arbor, hay bales, and the head and foot board to a twin bed set :)
the bride worked all year picking up thing's
that we could use, she planted flowers in her color's
Cobalt blue, Regency purple, touches of yellow.

Old wooden spools were chalk painted.

and of course we wrote, 'Marry Me'
on them

This view shows the tent's to the left.
I don't have any pictures of the table's...
the wonderful home cooked food
(the brides family cooked all week)
or the big swags the bride had made to decorate the tent's
she took, fabric in lace in her colors and tore them into strips
then she tied them to twine...hours of work to do this...
these were hung on the tents to bring in her colors.

I made this banner, and the bride also made burlap banner's
the lace curtains came from my home
and we used rope to hang them on.
She didn't want her groom to see her, before she walked out to there song...
so after everyone was seated...the curtains were the 
wedding party came out of the house...

We had 2x4's cemented into buckets a few days before,
to make the arbor solid and free standing.
and that brings us to the young people below...

This is the brides, Niece and Nephew. They are wonderful young
people who are very close as sibling's
The 16 yr old young man helped me with the bucket's and mixing cement.
out of all the men...he was my right arm.
I could not have done it all without him :)
His 13 yr old sister, helped in the Kitchen and taking care
of the flower girl.
they worked hard all week.
They made me smile, with there energy and zest for life
and good natured personalities.

Walking through the arbor, you can see the ladder.
with flowers planted by the bride..and the word
the bride and I spent one day tromping in the rain,
picking all sorts of wild flowers...
we scored when we hit a huge Begonia bush
in her color's. All the flower arrangements we did ourselves
accept the bridal party flowers.

we played with branches, and basket's, tin cans and mason jars.

   To the left after coming through the arbor
was a table for, cards, gifts and a honeymoon fund :)

to the right was another table..I did not get a pic of it.
this table had  cozies with the Groom and brides name on it and wedding date.
there were Lil gift bags made up for kids with candy in them
and little wooden wands the bride made up with ribbon's
in her colors for the kids to wave around...
this was the party favor table
and then I made up these

These were in a basket with a chalk board sign that said,
'The perfect Match'
these were a little time consuming to do...
but cost effective and fun!
I have a date stamper and so that went on the backs.

 The blue vintage bike..belonged to the property!
Perfect for us!
The bride made the S sign out of button's on a chalk board.
we put the' Hitchen pos't banner on this
and surrounded it with can's
full of flowers.

walking past the tree, you can see the arbor and chairs all set up.

To the right, the bride had a table, were pic's of
lost loved ones went...after I took this picture,
several more photo's were added to the table.
this way everyone walked by this table...
this was to honor, grandparents and Gr grandparents etc.

Old stumps created the aisle, and tulle was wrapped around the chairs.

The bride and her mom dried flowers...Lot's and Lot's of flowers!
she created, out of paper doilies
a lil pouch that was hung with twine on the back of the
chairs and filled with dried flowers
the flowers were thrown at the bride and groom
instead of rice :)

I wish I had a better picture of these..she embellished them,
with small sparkly blue and purple Jewel's.

Each stump had a flower arrangement made from the
flowers we picked.

The wedding arbor is burlap bunched a bit and tied with lace.
the two tables, are old wooden spools draped with
white linen's.

We did go to the local grocery store and for $25 got more flowers...
we were running out. these were put into old
baby formula can's..they were silver
so all we did was add raffia and a big burlap bow!

The top of the arbor. I must say, I was thrilled with my little invention.
all the flowers were real...and Begonia's need a lot of water!
I took a plastic cup and cut it, wrapped burlap around it and duck taped it
to the top of the arbor...filled it with water...
made the flower arrangement and added branches for more height...
my fear? would it stay up there? or would it fall down onto the bride and groom?
I used lots of duct tape! I am happy to say! it did NOT come down,
till we took it down!

A  old chest was used for all the champagne glasses,
for the toast. These were plastic champagne glasses and in the chest
they did not get blown over by the wind.

This is the cake table. Alas there is no picture of the cake.
The brides mom worked so hard on the cake and it was
utterly Delicious. But the humidity made the cake slide.
it wasn't that humid in this area..but more humid then Montana :)
the bride made this big swag of crystals and when the sun hit it...
they sparkled and shinned like diamonds.

The bride also had a homemade photo booth, made with pallet's
she worked hard on a tight budget...
but it came out beautiful!

Another one of my favorite pic's


 Another, favorite pic...
but to really give you a feel for what this wedding was like
I choose to put her pictures
 to the song they choose...
the song she walked down the aisle too...
and into the arms of her husband...
 many people had tears in there eye's. sometimes
music can express...what pictures alone can not express.
click the link below:)

I am honored to have been a part of there wonderful day!
I love you Both! 


  1. Oh my sweet friend, Peggy Sue,
    It is early in the morning here in Spokane, dark outside, a cool fall early morning, and I have a fire going and a steaming cup of coffee. I wanted to check in on you and I am at once smiling and crying in AMAZEMENT.

    I am amazed at the love you give to others, every day. The incredible time, love, energy
    and talent you put into making that most GORGEOUS wedding dress...every stitch sewn with love and prayers. It fits her perfectly. It is beyond breathtaking on the lovely bride.

    I am amazed at the venue and the hours and hours and HOURS of love, care and attention to details that existed everywhere. Perfect for this setting! I can't get over the signs, match covers, flowers, hand-built items, the combination of burlap and lace, logs by the chairs with gorgeous flowers, the fabulous arbor, the song in the video, Marry Me (that went with the chalk board message on the spindles). Beyond gorgeous and beyond perfect when each detail sings of love for the bride and groom.

    I am amazed at the talents and gifts God gives create and sew and make Masterpieces. Each item of love you make and create must make the good Lord smile!
    They are LOVE GIFTS, each one. Treasures from your heart to theirs.

    I am amazed at how happy and content and joy-filled the bride and groom look.
    What an honor that Starla trusted you so much and knew the things you made would fill her heart to over-flowing.

    Love and peace and joy and prayers to you this morning, Peggy Sue. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures of this treasured wedding.
    Much love,

  2. I had to take my time coming here so I could slowly go through each photo- each exquisite detail! Its simply breathtaking! The thought that went into each part of it- it simply was beautiful and organic and so love-filled. I bet there were so many ohhhhhs and ahhhhhhs… from the guests. You clearly outdid yourself! So pretty!! That dress… oh that dress! Such a pleasure and real treat to see your work and creativity in use in this celebratory way! Love this- and you sweet friend!

  3. you two are to sweet! in some ways it was challenging and in many ways it was simply helping her make her dream come true... the pictures dont do it justice..or her...sigh...we were hopping to get a chance to take pic's of just her...but with all the rain we couldnt... thank you for our wonderful words..they made my heart smile :)


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