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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A love story...for 'love Day' !

If your anything like me...don't you love a true,
beautiful 'Love story'
I sure do!

But before we share this story..I was blessed to
spend love day with 3 grandchildren and my youngest daughter.

We frosted cupcakes, danced and played with
play dough! Nana even made the roses above out of play dough...

Much to the utter delite of the older two grandchildren
in this picture :)

I call Valentines 'love day' because sometimes people don't 
have a valentine...and yet, we all have love!
I did this many ,many years ago...
a day to celebrate those we love..and 
to realize how loved we are, 
by many many people!

I went to Linda's blog...
and I want to share her today...
because this is what love is...DO not forget to play the link and listen to the song!
I never heard it before...

Happy 'love' day
may you know...
you are loved!


  1. Oh sweet Peggy Sue,
    It really is "love day" and true Valentines are anyone we love. How wonderful to hear about
    (and see) your time with your precious grand babies. What fun craft projects. And on top of it, time to spend with your daughter. They are all so blessed to have you in their lives.

    And about our story (Bert's and mine)...I am humbled and blessed that you chose to share it.
    For me, it is a reminder of God's love and redemption and the HOPE that
    after a shattering experience, we will be reminded of God's love. That's the
    truest love of all. Yet I am grateful every day that God brought Bert into my life.
    His unconditional love and kindness has been so healing. With grandkids
    watching, we had a Valentine's dance in the kitchen to the song, "Not Even the Kings."
    Isn't that an amazing song. We talked with the granddaughters about finding someone like Bert who would love and respect them and treat them with kindness. He is such a great role model for them.

    And you, my precious little soul sis, I am sending you prayers and love this morning.
    I am asking God to help you feel His love in your deepest heart-of-hearts. That you
    would know my love, across the miles. That you would be sure in Vicky's love and support.
    You are so deserving of love, my friend.
    Love you to the moon and back!

  2. I am so happy to come here and read today! I always sense such warmth and comfort- a certain coziness in all that you do. Motherly love! And Nana love- ahhh its wonderful. The cupcakes look divine and I love that you made roses out of playdough. Now I am happy to skip over to Linda's blog and read her love story!! Happy Love day to you too, sweet friend- a little late, but truly, every day can be love day!!

  3. Thanks both of you! It was a simple Valentines Day..but much like your 'cupcake' Vicky it spoke love! Linda, I just had to share your story...and I so loved the song!
    Love to both!


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