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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The dance has become a Waltz......

Moon River
wider then a mile
I'.m Crossing you in style someday...

                             The Tango has turned into a slow peaceful waltz. 
The kind that puts you at ease..the kind that takes you back to when you were a child.
 Life seemed easier then. I think it is just being a child that makes everything easier. . that wonderful innocence of childhood. 

The Surgeon allowed that even tho the skin is healing nicely my right breast inside will take some months. I had no clue there is a pocket of fluid in there...and that the tissue is 'traumatized' Personally speaking I would be to after such an invasion! So basically the breast in this area is coarse and hard. I see it like the breast tissue is looking like a "Halloween cat' with it's back arched and it's fist in fight mode...Again I cant say I blame that tissue at all. 

This will calm down in time. Internal bruising takes much longer. Radiation at this point would be a waste of time and money. only pre-cancerous cells re-main.
 I did however have the option to take 'Tamoxifen'. this is used for many women/men with advanced breast cancer..and women like me, who want to prevent it returning.
 However I have already been studying this...and the "Tamoxifen' would mess with my estrogen levels... aaah ooh and basically it would throw me into menopause! Since the odds of it returning are low I choose NOT to take the 'Tamoxifen' I like the way my body is functioning without drugs and the whole 'menapause' thing scares me..and I just do not want to go there yet......" I am like my breast tissue on this one..."she who stands fighting for time with her fists at the heavens, saying Please not yet...time please..time???" lol
There are also other side affects to the Tamoxifen.
 I figure with a mammogram in 6 months and yearly check-ups and being hyper vigilant if it returns we will capture it once again. I feel strongly all will be well. I want to be me.... and so the choice was mine...I am comfortable with the Waltz and knowing in my gut and heart and mind...all will be more then ok. 
smile emoticon
 take a moment to listen. To one of my Favorite
Moon River with Audrey Hepburn

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  1. Oh sweet Peggy Sue,
    We truly have so much in common. Moon River is one of my favorites! Thank you so, so
    much for this update about your health.

    I am keeping you in my prayers for complete healing and peace of mind. I am asking God to restore your strength and give you His JOY so you can keep on dancing.

    Tango, Waltz, Quick Step, Cha matter the dance...I am here dancing right along with you.:)

    Love you so much and sending you prayers, always prayers!


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