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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

About My Banner :)

I thought I would share....why my banner is what it is.

Last february I owned a Boutique. All womens fashions... we had casual, career, evening, shoes, boots, handbags, scarfs, jewlery etc etc. Then the Bridal shop in town, that had been in business for 25 years went out of business. (I was heartbroken for the owner) so the last couple years we also carried bridal and formalwear, tuxedo rentals and all sorts of accesories. (there was an exspansion to be able to do this in 2010). We were kind of like a one stop shop!

I sold my business last February to be able to go on the road with my Husband. YES, I felt very blessed in this economy that I was able to sell. My business is what I called 'My God gift'. A idea that took and grew during a very hard economic time. 6 years of working 24/7.

By April last year, I choose to help out a woman that has the most wonderful bubbly personality. I became her silent partner...SHHHHHHHHHHHH :) in a home decor side line to her wonderful Crepes, lattes, smoothies and all things healthy Lil restaurant.  Kinda of like a mini 'Cracker Barrel'..were you can order and roam and buy pretty things. 

The above banner, is one corner of our shop. Basically everything you see is for sale. And I have upsycled alot of wonderful furniture pieces.
  The chair to the left in this pic, was just a jumble of brass metal. There was 2 off them..I fell in love! A retro piece that I painted white and then created seats for and covered in a rose fabric.  For a cottage look. The Lil table was a antique that needed some help and was painted yellow with antique stain. And the old door...(don't you just love old doors??? I do!) had to be totally air blasted and then was sealed with a white wash stain.

This shows the bottom of the table. It was wired in place, I choose not to change that, because it was so sturdy. Instead I decided to rag the wire with Matching fabric!
Here is another view of one of the retro chairs.
 In the Banner pic, to the far left you will see a hint of this table. This table was headed for the dump, when I rescued it. The top had to be belt sanded, I choose a red cherry stain for this table, and sage green paint. I wanted the top to pull out the red in the fabric of the chairs.
Oh how I wish I had a before of these chairs!!! they came from a long standing old restaurant in our neck of the woods. They were dark stained, with a dark green Vinyl seat. Because of all the scrolling, sanding them down completely was not a option. To paint them a solid color...they still looked old. So I realized a sage green wash worked best. They look new with that old flavor as bits and pieces of these unique chairs shine thru! Due to this being Montana I choose a western fabric with horses...I love this set, one of a kind and Unique!
Here is the set, when we first put it in the shop!
This is another set I did. Notice that there are 2 different chair styles?
I figured....why not?
2 wooden chairs and 2 wonderful vintage metal chairs! I choose black for all these chairs!
Fell in love with the scrolling, I did a fun tuxedo back in Vintage lace, with a big black button!
The top of the table is it a elegant/ rustic look.
when I do these kind of things, I have to look at all the pieces and then I pick the style that would work best for all the pieces in-volved :) sometimes the end results, even surprise me.
  The shop carries, real vintage, up cycled vintage and reproduction vintage!
don't you just love this pail and shovel?
 It has a bit of this and that....a homemade feel :)
whimsical and unique....
another area of the shop.
Remember that song, 'I was country when country wasn't cool'? well I was up cycling when up cycling wasn't cool! there was no one to discuss it with, no pics to look at....I was just a mom, with 5 kids 6 and under...a very tight budget, and a desire for beautiful things. I took attic furniture and made them into bedroom sets...I didn't even realize I was onto something...*big grin* and then people started asking me, 'where did you buy that set'?
My husband is very handy and he made picket fence headboards for the kids.
someday I hope to get into my archives and share.
I think somehow I new, being on the desire to create, would overcome I had to invest in a side business.
the dream is to have a Vintage shop...No, not a flea Market..a beautiful Vintage shop...I think the name will be 'L'ame Du Vintage' or 'The soul of Vintage' and that time may be sooner at hand then I thought.
owning a boutique was a 'god gift' owning a vintage shop...Is a dream.
(I now have to get back to packing before Hubby decides blogging is cutting into packing time :)
to the ladies who found me yesterday and posted comments.
since I have been trying this since finally get contact
Have a wonderful day before 'Love Day'

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