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Monday, February 11, 2013

Traveling and Grandbabies

Being on the road...with my husband since July has been a exsperience !  We were in Port Angeles, Washington till the first of Dec. Then the company loaded us up and we have been in Sitka, Alaska since before Christmas. We were lucky to be able to visit with all 5 children and grandbabies and parents before we came to Sitka. Even tho this was suppose to be a 2 yr job...and it is! They are sending 'us' to another job. So once again we are loading up...and headed to the lower states by Saturday. To be 100% honest. I am so greatful that prayers are heard! Sitka was just a lil to remote for me. My mom was diagnoised with Pancreatic cancer already to her liver June 18th 2011. She was given 3-10 months! she is still with us and doing well. But I dont want to be so far away! then there are my in-laws and there health...and then the kids and grandbabies. So I am thrilled that I will be closer...not on a island way North...but car driving distance.... And then of course there are the grandbabies...and they grow way to fast, so being closer to them...well...babies are everything that lights up the world. Its still LOVE month and I want to share..these babies that we love!

The oldest is this young lady. She is NOT a baby anymore. But a utterly delightfull, opionated lil girl! full of curiosity and questions.
She ruled the roost and then its seemed it was raining babies :) we will get back to this lil lass in a moment :)

The next one to come along was born in England. Our only lil man. His Daddy is in the airforce and soooo that ment his mommy and him were far from the states when he came into the world. But they have been closer for some time now..and I had a real fun photo shot with the lil man. Letting him do what lil boys do!

 And when he realized...'Nanna' was seriouse about puddle jumping! he had the time of his life!

Then we added colorful ballons to the mix! and the lil man ran and ran....

I decided I would just let him do his thing....and would try to capture the moments...

He is 'all boy' and did what lil boys/ big boys do everywhere!

I had so much fun, doing this photo shot with him!

we just love this lil man....our grandson! and just like the seems he is growing way to fast!

The oldest of our grandchildren...(the lil lass at the beginning of this post)welcomed a baby sister in 2010

here she is...the lil blonde headed my way! with her big sis in tow! I was able to get a bit of a photo shot with these two cuties, right before Christmas. it was a 'winne the pooh' blustery day...but we all needed to go for a walk and get our wiggles out!

sisterly love! this i believe, is my favorite on our blustery day photo shot!

Notice grandbaby number 3's ruby red slippers? she is sassy and sweet, in that wonderful toddler stage.

later that evening we brought Papa along, so we could take a pic with the lil small town christmas tree. when Papa and i went to kneel down..grandbaby #3 did too. we love these lil girls!

That brings us to the last grandbaby. grandbaby #3 and grandbaby #4 are only 2 weeks apart! two lil girls we were blessed with. But as blonde as grandbaby # 3 is....grandbaby #4 is dark!

 here she is! #4 and even tho this pic was takin a year ago..I couldn't resist because she looks to cute in it. with her brite pink Nike's!

I did a photo shot with her and her momma! in the fall. the colors and paths we found, were so fun!

darling baby girl...dont grow to fast!

we gave her a red umbrella. boy did she love that! and she took of running with it! Like 3# she is sassy and sweet...a toddler!

Did I tell you???.... I just love babies :)

It was nap time...and she finally slowed down...and so our photo session came to an end......

It's 'Love month' and I am excited for answered prayers and being able to move closer to those I love...for time waits on noone. And babies grow up to fast and families are so WHAT'S important!

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