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Thursday, February 14, 2013

loving Valentine's day Prayers for families

I just went to a blog of a beautiful woman who has been fighting breast cancer. she is now a blog I will follow. And it made me realize that I know so many people that will have a difficult Valentines tomorrow, or people fighting cancer that just need prayers. and love. 

Several weeks ago on FB I came across this family 'Praying for the Nevil's' 
This family had a tragedy on there way to Texas for Thanksgiving. There car was hit by a alleged drunk driver. The mother was killed instantly. The father writes on this page for his daughter who is 12 and still in the hospital. check out the link above.

What a beautiful family. And what a heartbreak. Keep them in your prayers. Tomorrow is another Holiday and for this man his first without his sweetheart...his bride.

Then there is this beautiful family;
  The Whaley's they lost there Lil girl last march. She had a brain tumor that was discovered Aug of 2011 and they had her on a carrying bridge page. She was being treated at St Jude's.
The holidays have been hard...well every day is hard..and tomorrow is there first valentines with out there Lil girl...
This is there sweet girl with My grandson. That is how I came to know them and felt this journey with them...

Then there is this beautiful woman below! She is my 'Mom' She was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer already to her liver stage 4 on June 18th 2011. She was given 3-10 months to live..and well. My mom is still with us a doing well...Many prayers have gone up in her behalf...

These pic's was taken last April on her 70th Birthday by a good friend of hers (meadowbrooke photography). She was at the 10 months then. At the time of this pic the cancer had started growing again.... She is on a new trial like medication that has been working real well. Her cancer numbers are down...but the cancer is still there. for this 70th birthday...all 6 kids wrote on a balloon as well as her making a wish on a balloon...and it was a windy day...then end result??? the balloon's got all stuck together...and that had been her wish..that no matter kids will be stuck together...Because she is doing so well, I think sometimes people tend to forget she is not cancer free. she just has a rarer slower growing pancreatic cancer..a endocrine tumor... and like everyone else mentioned above...needs love and prayers.

Its why I call this 'Love Month'... valentines day can be hard, when you have lost someone you loved, or are alone without a partner...or are going thru illness that can be life threatening.....Love day, love month...means just share the love everywhere..and send prayers to those who are struggling...I do have a father that loves me.... this I know...and I know he loves us all :)
My prayers and love to all!


  1. Losing loved ones is always hard, seeing them suffer can tear our hearts out also. I saw your post on Vicky's page and just want to encourage you. Schedule that mammogram ! I lost both my sister and my ,other to breast cancer. And when they found the cells that were going to be cancer people didn't understand why I had the double mastectomy like I did in 2011. But God is so good. He knew the one they were not concentrating on had worse cells in it and by doing the surgery early I hopefully have added up too 20plus years to my life here so I can enjoy my wonderful grandchildren. I also encourage my friends. Enjoy your mothers whole you have them. I was only 28 when God took mine home, and it's hard to loose them at any age!

  2. Verna, that was from the heart...I felt it! I got my mammogram... so far all is well! And it had been 3 years since my last not 2. Oh My! I am one that is truly on preventive medicine and yearly check-ups! so I wont let this slide again. I have a friend who made the choice you made...I think I would as well if they were my circumstances! life is preciouse! SO very sorry for the loss of your mom and sister. I still have both of mine at this moment..I realize how lucky I am. hugs to you!


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