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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A 3rd Memory Pillow :)

I was able to get this 3rd memory pillow done..and in the mail...just in the Nick of time!

With running back and forth to different states. Moving, and taking care of so many things...all while I am still homeless ( I have a 5th wheal:) ...and a warm dry place and wonderful bed) I have become amazed that I have been able to get these pillows time, for the Birthdays of My siblings.

This Pillow is two shirts my mom wore a lot and went to sibling #4 My brother who held a huge soft spot in my mom's heart...

This will also be his 40th Birthday. This little brother (aaah sigh, not so little, is 10 years younger then me.) on the day he found out our Mom had Pancreatic cancer. He Left his business as a Estate search for anything that would prolong her life, or cure her.  This Picture was taken by me, In the fall 2011 a few months after she was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer... and given only 3-10 months to live (yes, I agree...this does not LOOK like a woman who was given that prognosis!!!) She had the rarer slower growing pancreatic cancer.

This brother has never been married. So he and my mom had a very close relationship. They spoke on the phone alot, he got her a I-pad and service so she could research and look things up regarding what she was facing. He bought her a High dollar blender so she could eat all those nutritious nutrients that may help. And then this past May..he bought her a home! YES bought her a home!

Our mom was a perfectionist and had 3 gorgeous acres and gardens that you can wander and oooh and aaah at....As her health declined this past year, taking care of these gardens became to much...seeing them became to much, not being able to take care of them like always...and her dream in old age was to own a older home in town...because time was of the essence...My brother bought this home for she could be peaceful and not have to worry about gardens and yards...and so she could experience that dream of a older home in town...

Many wonderful people..came to help us move...and so we made a huge summer Bar b Que for all of them! Complete with my mom's favorite recipes that I made for everyone. (Yes, this is my lil brother and I)

Yes, I added 'Schatje' to the pillow. This means sweetheart in Dutch and is what my mom called those she loved!

I wanted this pillow to be the essence of her... A lady, one who loved pink roses!...The buttons of the pink top worked well with the white top..this is also how you can take the pillow insert out and wash this if need be...

On this pillow, I used some of my own fabric as a bring in...the roses she loved... :)

This is a pic of her roses in her garden...she has to many to post...but during those days of the evening I would go to her old home, and roam her gardens..seeing what she had cultivated and grown, it gave me a smile through my tears. 

I wanted this Pillow to be...extra something...because of the bond between this brother and my mom. She loved us all. But this brother held a soft spot in her heart. And he fought so hard to keep her...and then finally...with the rest of us, said a prayer to let her go... Love does that. Love can let go, when you 
want that person you love whole again. when you want more for them, when you LOVE them enough, to let them go.....sigh....

  This Picture..of them (the last one of them alone) taken 3 weeks before my mom left to journey home...(this is only our temporary home). To me is shows there he climbed in bed with her, there long chats...yes, it shows the face of cancer...but I debated on sharing this pic..and then new, it would be OK with our me I see Great Love and Great beauty in this picture..and I am forever grateful I took it.

Happy Happy Birthday my Brother. I love you more then words can say. And I will always be here for you!   


  1. Peg, I'm so happy you enjoyed my post this evening. I think while you were reading my post, I was reading so much of your blog. I'm actually sitting here with tears running down my cheeks right now reading back about your amazing mom, following links to songs you You Tube, looking at photos, etc. I am so very sorry for yours (and your entire family's) loss. The pillows you are making are such a beautiful gift to your siblings. Your mother was gorgeous in the purple gown that you made one of the pillows out of. I'm in awe of you and your giving spirit. You have a beautiful family. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I loved the photo of the balloons that your mom released, all clinging together, representing all of you siblings. You will have each other as you move forward. Thank you for a beautiful blog that spoke to me in many ways as I lost my dad two years ago and my mom in 1996, and it brought back emotions and feelings as though I lost them yesterday. Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving together. All my best to you, Donna

  2. Thank you Donna for your kind words! Even tho I was with my mom from April till she passed on July 21 this year...I have what I call 2x4 moments were I cant believe she is least gone for the rest of my lifetime here...I know you know this as well, for the loss of your own parents. Our Mom was our parent and as Birthdays and Holidays approach...the first' leaves a pretty big void. Love your pic's..I tend to be a cat lover :) so yes, your post made me smile big! Wonderful thanksgiving moments to you and your loved ones as well :)

  3. Dear Peggy Sue,
    Your gorgeous and sentimental pillow, in honor of your Momma, left tears in my eyes. You have been on my mind, in my heart, and in my prayers as you approach this holiday season. May God Almighty give you grace and peace. I lost my Mom ten years ago and I miss her daily, but those firsts without her...they just aren't easy

    Thank you for sharing your heart.
    Blessings, dear Peggy Sue.
    Your friend,


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