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Friday, November 22, 2013

To Be a Christmas Doll once again! ( A Vintage gift idea and story :)

Dottie's ears perked up, was that the creaking on the attic steps she heard? how could it be? She had been in the attic so long...months, perhaps years, she couldn't remember anymore. She only new she was on a old Trunk. Next to her were some dishes, and clothes and linens. All dusty and forgotten. She was half covered with Newspapers and had been in this position for so long now... Her mind drifted back. In the corner of her mind she remembered a time when she had come out of a box, to a child's delighted laughter and hugs and kisses. She remembered the air smelled of pine and Ham and the lights on a tree that were candles... She remembered Hearing the little girl squeal with delight and say, "Your my Christmas doll, and your beautiful." she loved being tucked into bed at night with the little girl who was hers, and the hot water bottle snuggled between them, to warm the bed sheets and them at night. Her heart did a flip flop. Oh how she remembered... that is what she did most day's. Was remember a time, when she was important, when she was loved, when she was everything. Then came the years she lay on the bed, those years were great too. Maybe she wasn't played with as much, but she was confided in. and she was still such a huge part of her not so little girls world. This went on for a long time..but somehow, without knowing how... she ended up here. In the attic, dusty and forgotten and alone...
Dottie, sighed..the kind of sigh that comes from a doll, that once was loved. Then she heard it again, the creaking of the attic steps...could it be? would someone be finally coming up there to visit her?

It seemed impossible that after all these years, someone would. Then she heard the attic door open. She was to excited to do anything but listen.

She heard a gruff male voice say, "oh there's nothing up here but junk, lots of it. we will have to just throw it all away". Dottie's heart started pounding, throw it away? what does that mean? It sure didn't sound good, and it sure didn't remind her of the voices she remembered from her past... "Throw it away? does that mean me? Dottie's mind was in a whirl.

Then she heard a softer, kinder, gentler voice say, "Oh Dan, we need to see what is here first. Grandma had these things put here for a reason".

The next few days, the attic was filled with activity... she heard words like, Estate sale? to be thrown away? She wondered why no one had seen her yet. But everything bustled around her in a whirl.  Then came that moment...the moment the newspapers were 'thrown away' and Dottie felt for sure she would be next! But the gentle women's voice said, "Dan, I found a doll. A very old doll". She heard the gruff voice say, "well if it's old just throw her away". Dottie's eyes were trying to focus...her heart beating... The gentle women's voice said, "Dan, there are people who love old doll's. I think I will try to sell her". Dottie panicked again... "sell her" what does that mean?

The women with the gentle voice brought Dottie home to her house. Dottie was feeling a bit better, someone was holding her, someone seemed interested in her.

Then the woman with the gentle voice, snapped a picture of her. Dottie felt horrible...she had no clothes on!!! and she new, she just didn't look, like she use to. Her head she new was cracked. She was a composition doll from the 1900's. 1920's max! and she new her face had tiny little cracks, wrinkles...from time. If you looked to close you would see them. Who would want her from a picture? Dottie fretted again.

The next thing Dottie new. She was in a box...but she had no clothes and this wasn't like the box she remembered from long ago. She traveled in the box for 4 days.  Dottie, didn't know were she was going. She was nervous and a bit upset. how could she be in a box, without clothes? who would want to keep her?

Finally she seemed not to be tousled and turned so much. She heard a voice that said, "Good day, you have a package" and another softer voice saying, "oh my, thank you".  Dottie squeezed her eyes tight shut. she was plum scared of what would happen next. she felt the box being open, she heard the delighted laughter as she was pulled out of the box. She felt the gentle arms cradling her and heard the words, "Oh my, she's perfect" and "She is so much bigger then I thought". these gentle arms, cleaned her up. she heard music, music that reminded her of that day so very long ago. She got a new dress, and bloomers, and shoes and the best of all was the bonnet..the bonnet that covered the crack in her head. She had no clue what she looked like..but the smile and happy look on this gentle face. Made her heart smile right back.

She was put in a beautiful basket, with all her new clothes on.  With a Blanket and a bow. A letter was attached to the basket. She heard the gentle women say, "You are going to be the best gift, and so loved". Dottie's, mind was content but still a bit unsure...she new she was old.

 The next day the basket was delivered. As the bow came off...and the letter was read... Dottie heard a older voice, a more tired voice but a kind and gentle voice...sigh with pleasure and heard her say, "oh well look at you". She felt old hands that were bent lifting her up...and then she heard it...laughter...the laughter of a young girl. Her eyes opened as she was cradled in the arms of this 93yr old lady.
the laughter was young, the lady had wrinkles, "Wow" Dottie thought "just like me" Yet the woman's eyes  sparkled just like the little tree next to her with sparkling light's. The women cradled her and checked her out. And then Dottie heard the word's she never thought she would hear again.
"Your my Christmas doll, and your beautiful" 
Dottie's heart melted. She was home, in the arms of the perfect someone, just her age!
it was the best place to be, the perfect place...and Dottie's heart sighed with the happiness
only a old doll can feel...when being allowed to be a Christmas doll...once more :)

10 years ago. I was wondering what to give the women in my life. My mom, mother in-law, sister, GF and a wonderful old neighbor in her 90's. Dottie was the first doll I found on Ebay. You see our older neighbor shared with me when she was in her 80's and I had just hit 30...that the thing about growing old, was outliving everyone you loved. I have never forgotten that moment..because I had NEVER thought about that before.
By the time our older neighbor was 93 she had also lost her one and only son. I wanted to give her something that was 'HER AGE'. And on Ebay I found a doll  from early 1900's. I had no clue the doll was like a life size baby...and her face was like the Gerber baby..I fell in love with her, when I got her in the mail. we washed her and made new clothes..and she became a Christmas doll that was wonderful to see the joy in our neighbors eyes.
Our neighbor just passed away Oct 4. at age 103!!!
Dottie was donated to a museum, along with the Christmas letter I wrote 10 years ago. Today I called the museum to ask if they would take pic's of her for me..and send them. They said they would!!!
Yippee. If I get them..I will post the real pic's of Dottie!

It was after Dottie that I decided to give all the women in my life...a doll from there Era! It was so fun!
even if you don't collect doll's. In each of us, is a little girl..who remembers...and there are doll's out there with no homes! the dolls above are last years dolls.
the first one is from the 1940's (in red) she went to a women from that Era. she cost me only $10
the second (In pink) is also from the 1940's she went to my best friends mom. she was only $7 and a Madam Alexander doll. the 3rd doll I just found..she is Also madam Alexander and I found her for only $5 (she is the one in yellow)
I don't sew or crochet well..but once you have the can design about anything.
I don't follow a pattern..I just make things up as I go.

Now for a few more picks

This is Fancy Nancy. I found her at goodwill for $3.00 and she is a doll that goes for $69 plus..I washed her up and clothed her and gave her to...

This little Granddaughter of ours..last year. And made a Matching hat for our Granddaughter! 

My nickname for this Granddaughter is 'Poppie' a version of the Dutch word that means 'Dolly'
This was our last Christmas with my mom...a 4 generation pic. taken last December..when I gave our 'Poppie' her doll.
L-R Our daughter, my mom, me and Yes..our little Poppie in the sack 
(I love you Mom and I am missing you)

I challenge you all to find the prefect doll...(the hunt is fun in itself) for someone...
a mother, friend or a older women alone, that you see in will know who!
then please share those dolls with us all if you can.
It's the Holidays..things don't have to be new to be beautiful...
for me...age and time holds true beauty :)
Have a wonderful  wonderful weekend! 


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