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L 'ame de la vie... 'The beautiful soul of life'

Friday, November 8, 2013


When all is said and done... to find Grace among thing's, and the peacefulness Grace brings... is a gift of Grace in and off it's self...For Grace is a matter of motion, a way to walk through chaos and hurt's, holding oneself together in the light...not allowing the trouble or darkness, or painful things to intrude...Grace is sunshine through a storm, a light in the darkness, a hope when the skies are grey...a acceptance and fluid motion like a sigh from the heart...all is well, all is well....


  1. Such a beautiful reflection of the enormity and depth and soul of the meaning of Grace. Love reading this and afterwards I just wanted to breath deep and let it sit inside of me. Thank you for this gift!

  2. Thank you Vicky for the comment :)


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