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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chalk Board Christmas Gifts

This year, I am trying for a homemade
Its more budget Friendly, and only takes
a bit of time... There is
put into these gifts.

I made 3 of these Chalk boards

   This one is for a daughter and her man
she hasn't really found her decor style yet...
But has some salmon color going on.
So I choose grey with just a touch of Salmon!

Grey being such a beautiful neutral, and jewels to dress
it up!

The finials add such a elegant touch!

I wanted these to be a piece of 'functional decor'.
this next one is for a Son and his girl!

Teal and Browns are there decor!
and I was trying to keep this, a tad bit more

The finials on his are not as dainty :)

I added a lil bling for his Girl!

Do you realize...Christmas is just around the corner!

This is for another daughter and her family!

The chalk board size is 2ft x 2ft. This is Birch ply that you
can find at Lowe's cut up and ready to go for only
The Chalk Board paint was also at Lowe's for
$9.00 a quart!!! and I have plenty left to make
some more wonderful Chalk Board

The Burlap I got at the Hobby Lobby for half price. $2.50!!
and I needed 2 rolls to make these 3 Chalk boards.

The jewels/embellishments were found also at Hobby Lobby in the clearance
Isle! they were only $1.10- $2.25 and there were
several on a card!!!
The Burlap edging was put on with Mod Podge.
(I so love Mod Podge)

The finials were found at Hobby Lobby for approx
$1.25 a pair!!!

Next to the 2x2 ft Birch ply is also 36 inch trims at Lowe's
as you can see in this picture. I had a thinner and thicker trim
I needed 6 piece's and each piece was approx $1.39. We cut the trim to 2ft.
we used 1 inch flat head screws and wood glue :)

I am pleased with how these Chalk board Gifts
came out! I hope they will like them,
and find them useful and fun!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. How could they not love them? You did a great job, what a wonderful gift.

  2. Thank you Karen!!!! Thank you :)


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