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Friday, December 20, 2013

I pondered today...the gifts around "How Christ was born"

Have you ever had those moments...were you sit by yourself...surrounded by
Christmas lights...and ponder? I have so many times..and each time,
I end up counting my blessings... I wanted to share
what I ponder about..when I think of the events surrounding the birth
of Jesus...

The lord gave us some of the most beautiful lesson's in the birth of his son. some of those lessons were TRUE FAITH, HUMILITY, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND TO NEVER JUDGE OTHERS. 
We are now headed into the last days to that wonderful event! The day we have picked to celebrate! I think of Mary and what it would have been like, to give birth in a stable...I Mean in all reality, a stable is a stable, filled with the scent of animals. The clean hay/straw they needed to find. The clean swaddling clothe they needed to have on hand. I ponder the wisdom of Heavenly fathers simple message, allowing this be under the most humble circumstances. I think of the worry and fear in Joseph, trying to be there for Mary and wanting to protect them both... I think Of our creator and the message he sent with this birth. Joseph was a real, true man. No ego, Just the humility of following something much bigger then him. His love and protection for Mary and this son...that was not of him! Could there be any greater message on how a man is suppose to love!? I think of Mary and how she followed, despite what the world and others may think...and the lord protected her by giving her Joseph... but the most powerful lesson is the humbleness behind Christ birth... If Gods only begotten son, was allowed to be born in a stable... why are we all so fixated on material things? (mind you, these things are perfectly long as we don't sacrifice time with the biggest gifts in our lives, children, family, loved ones...strangers..those in need..) And we shy away from those less fortunate..and judge them? Mathew 25:40 "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."
I ponder these things..and count my blessings and always love this time of year, because the world seems gentler, more peaceful...and I guess that is why we say we wish we could carry Christmas with us, all year around... the definition of Merry Christmas' "Cheerful and lively the annual christian festival celebrating Christ birth." May the true meaning of Christmas, every detail touch your hearts. May we embrace each other as equals, may we see past our humanness to Be an example of the messages in the Birth of Christ and realize with utter Humility the gift of that birth, and what Jesus did for us all.

Feeling so Blessed!!!
Merry Christmas
with love to all!

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