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Friday, December 6, 2013

Family Christmas Wreaths

Life's Most beautiful things 
are not seen with the eyes,
but felt with the heart!

Is there anything truer???

I made 7 wreaths and have 1 to go...the wreaths I have made go to my 5 siblings and there families
and to 3 daughters...

This is wreath #1 for a daughter, a family wreath can be anything...
it can hold pictures of Christmas past...

or vacations..anything..and these wreaths can be anything the owner wants it to be...
But I includes pictures of our Mom, Our Grandma, Our Omi (Gr grandma)
For it's all of ours..first Christmas without her. (wreath # 1)

This 2nd wreath is for my sister...and its a Christmas Memory pic of her and our Mom
hers is burlap and silver. None of these wreaths are 100% alike.

(wreath # 2) a added little heart stars from the heavens..

This is wreath #3 For a Brother and his wife. This sister in law loves the colors Eggplant and brown...
these wreaths can be used year round
or just for Christmas...whatever they wish to do...

(Wreath # 3) 
Personalizing them...was fun! and did you notice something in the last two...

(wreath # 3)
They only have 1 picture frame! This was due to budget constrictions...
I am sending the other wallet pics I have and ribbon so they can
add more frames if they like... (and if not..I know what to give them next year)
does that seem to frugal???
I tend to LOVE giving..and thus with Christmas i have to stay on tract
because my list is so Looooooooong! 

This is wreath #4 for a daughter...a single daughter :) she can add frames
as her journey in life continues on...
I wanted her to know, that the many hours she stayed
with her Grandma during treatments in her neck of the woods...
was a priceless gift to her!

(Wreath # 4)
Grandma felt loved and cherished with her by her side...these
two had a special bond...and in the end of her life,
Our daughter got to care give for her Grandma.
And Grandma's favorite colored rose..was pink...

This is Wreath #5 for My brother and his wife, and there 4 children
this sister in law loves Yellows and browns and whites...

(Wreath #5)
So I made sure she got the cottage style  button :)

(Wreath # 5)
I put a pick of there 4 kids with our mom in the frame...
But there are other pics ready to more frames :)

This is wreath #6 and Finally I found a whole family pic with my mom!!!
This Brother has 2 children and his wife loves reds, golds and browns :)

There Kids are so young..this wreath is a wonderful way...
for them to remember the grandma that went home...sooner
then we ever had assumed!

Faith, hope and love...
that is how we are getting through this Christmas...
I don't think  there's any better way.

Wreath # 7
This is for My Bachelor brother, kept simple..and I look
forward to the day, extra frames will be added...
as he finds the person to journey through life with :)

(Wreath # 7)
This will be a hard Christmas for him...but we  are all aware
and will do our show our love!

(Wreath # 7)
Life's Most beautiful things
are not seen with the eye's
but felt with the heart....

Don't you agree? 


  1. Wow you have been very busy. I'm sure your family will treasure them. Hand made gifts are the best kind.

  2. Ohhhh- I love these! Love gifts like this that truly are a legacy of sorts. Your family will treasure these I have no doubt. What beautiful and artistic work you do! I have no doubt these will be a big hit! Love to you~

  3. Thank you Karen and Vicky..I believe it also brings my mom into the season..for just I make them..i think of her and christmas in some ways I realize its therapy for me :)


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