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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hope Rocks for Lisa!!!

Hi, Please go to Face book and punch in "HOPE ROCKS FOR LISA"
Then LIKE her page :)

Link in here:

She has been battling breast cancer for 13 years now!!
On her bucker to get 1000 likes so she can be on the
Ellen Degeneres show :)
she's an amazing woman!
it will just take a few seconds of your time!

Her story in her words:

I have been battling breast cancer for 13 years now and been stage IV advanced disease for 10. This nasty disease has spread from my breast to my: 
....and now BRAIN!

I am so stubborn…I refuse to give up!! I am realistic and I know my disease is terminal. I also know myself and this disease picked the wrong girl to mess with. It is NOT easy…as a matter a fact every day is a struggle. However, my journey has been so amazing. I have had the most incredible opportunities and have been honored to meet some of the most amazing people you could ever meet. I have heard incredible stories and been inspired many times over!

What an amazing woman
thank you for stopping by and for liking her page :)


  1. Hi Peggy Sue,
    I just went to her Face book and liked her page. What a courageous and inspirational person!
    She reminds me of our precious Vicky, never giving up.
    May God's blessings shower you today, Peggy Sue.
    Love. Linda

  2. I went as soon as I read and liked her page and now I remembered to come back here and tell you. Thankful that you shared the story of someone that sounds like me- especially from the standpoint of how many of her organs have been affected! She is my idol- exactly who I want to be- it'll never be an easy journey- but we will do it as long as we have to! 13 years- wow!! She is a bona-fide outlier and I pray I hear that name one day :)

  3. Thank you ladies!!! I was going to your page to post Vicky lol when I saw I had comments here! Vicky I want you to have a miracle... I have been reading and studying breast cancer due to you...I have read the statistics and the odds... But I am praying for a miracle...despite all that! I also pray that you get much more time.....!!!! The 2 prayers are on in the same...but I constantly pray that you defy all the odds!!! Linda, I needed to be shower'd with blessings..How did you know :)

  4. Oh Peggy Sue,
    You have such a good heart! You are such a giving and caring person, a true blessing from God Almighty. Your unselfish spirit is a true blessing to me. Like you, I am praying for a miracle for our Vicky. I'm praying she defies all the odds too or that like Lisa has years and years to fight and love life in the mean time.

    Thank you for being so steadfast in your caring!
    God Bless, sweet friend!
    Love Linda


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