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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Last Memory Pillow!

Today is My brothers birthday! the oldest of my 4 little brother's, end's up
being the Last...!
As each sibling had there first Birthday since our mom passed away, last July 21, 2013 
My gift has been a memory pillow.
Made from clothing my mom wore....

This is my Brother, and his Beautiful family!

He is 7 years younger then I am. the one right behind me. 
Growing up we were so close. He was my assistant when I performed
my one of a kind Magic shows.
he shopped in my one of a kind Grocery store's,
on winter days I would turn our bedroom into a shop...using pie plates as the fruit and vegetable
scales..turning a box into a cash register..and putting out our toys and thing's
as items in the shop (yes, why the scales then? ha ha ha I think
we were able to smuggle some fruit in!)

He was the 1st son to our mother..and she LOVED having a son!

Our mom with this brother in 2012!

Here we are..on the 4th of JULY!!! a very cold one.
My girls and I and 3 of my 4 brothers :)

This Brother, Became a microbiologist! he put himself through school
and paid it off Quickly...he had our mom's frugal gene!

Here they are early fall 2012!

And here is our mom with Him and his wife, and the only child that wasn't in school yet!
It is the Capri's she is wearing in this picture that part of the pillow is 
made from.

The pillow has the Capri and a top she wore. I try in making these pillows
to keep the decor of my sister or sister in-laws in mind :)

and yes, once again this pillow Say's 'Schatje' the dutch word
for sweetheart...because that is what our mom always said.
So today she would have said to him, "Happy Birthday Schatje"

The back of the pillow is lace. His wife is a country girl :)

A pic of us in the 70's..there was only 3 then, my older sister, myself and our lil Brother.
little did we know, 3 more lil brothers would come along :)

My mom was very proud of this son. because he was the easiest to raise!
he was sickly as a small boy, many allergies and asthma attacks, But he was a great
child to raise.  He did what was asked of him, worked hard to get the things he wanted
he was quiet and steadfast.  In fact to this day..the rest of us wonder
Did '-----' ever do anything wrong?

As a adult he is a steadfast family man, a hard worker and yet
he has a sense of humor and a zest for life.

And so I realized, this journey has come to a end...the want to make them
each a memory pillow..for there first birthday's after our mom passed away...
and I also realized it's been 8 months since we lost our mom...and time moves
so swiftly by...days turning into weeks, and weeks into months and months into years...
And it seems more important to live in each moment...for it is the moment
we are in..that we have...  in these moments we can laugh, love, bond and create
the memories that stay with us 
make the best of each and every moment!!!

The links to the  other 4 memory pillows are below:

I may make other thing's..for other family members..but these pillows were important to me,
In ways that were good and ways that were Therapeutic... they were just 
something I had to do, and with each one, there was a note about all the things
our mom loved about him or her :)
I realize this is now over, and days did turn into months, and soon
very will be a year!
and yet, I am still amazed she is gone...and thinking on all these thing's
growing, my siblings and our mom...

I think of all the precious memories...
for our today's, become tomorrows memories..

I love you brother of Mine! I always have, and always will!
Happy Happy Birthday



  1. Oh Peggy Sue, the corners of my mind. Misty watercolor memories, of the way we were.

    What an extraordinary gift, these precious pillows are...a labor of vintage love, so full of memories and nostalgia of there and then. It is like having a part of your Mom right in each pillow, in each stitch, in the fabric from her capri pants, in the message of calling all of you "schatje", sweetheart in Dutch. You thought of every detail, sweet Peggy Sue, even the decor of each of your sisters-in-law.

    You have such a huge and giving heart, my friend. Jesus must smile when He sees you making these family masterpieces! :) I love to scrapbook old photos and memories and decorate each page as if it was an art piece. Your pillows are like the most intricate scrapbook page. Thank you for sharing each one of them. I feel honored to see them.

    Thank you too for your encouraging comments on my blog. I so appreciate you, dear friend!
    I hope all is well with you. How are your house plans coming along?

    Sending you huge hugs, loves and prayers!

  2. Thank you Linda! It was just something I needed to do.... My brother's/ my sibling's..have always ment the world to me. Our Dad is a bit in-active in our lives..loosing our mom was well..loosing...our parents..and it has been 'eye-opening' and grief and mourning in ways that are just our unique family dynamic...simply stated..I love my sibling' was something important I had to do...and In doing it..I was blessed the most :) love you sweet Lady!


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