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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A dollar store room :)

The youngest in our family, is living in the 1920's Bungalow
we purchased, and are still renovating.
(The link below will take you to that post) 

It was her Birthday, and I choose to give her a decorated room, on a very strict budget!
This couple is in there early 20's with 2 little ones.

I remember those days well...just paying your bills and keeping ones
head above the sometimes the only thing on ones mind.
any extra goes to there beautiful babies...
and there is very little extra!

Added to this, was the 'HUGE' surprise that there second child,
was not a girl...Like the ultra sound said, but a wonderful
baby boy!

( The link to that post, is below)

It's hard to believe that this little man is already 5 months old!
and Not dainty like his sister, but growing way to fast and sturdy!
100% boy!

There little man is MUCH loved!

And his Big sister adores him, as much as he adores her!
there parents are young..but these two are well loved!
It shows!

This lil man smiles most of the time!

And Big sister plays and has a great imagination...(teaching her babies to go Potty :)
But alas that parents room, was a mattress set and a old dresser!

This room is lavender, and my daughter wanted to keep this color!

I found 2 lamps, with perfect shades, but alas the brass and burgundy base!
I spray painted then with a textured paint.
the outcome was perfect!

It is basically a black with a bronze sparkle...

different lighting and it looks more bronze!
goes perfect with the black and Bronze/Brown hand me down comforter set, her sister
gave her :)

The plush throw pillow was found at the dollar general.
the other I made, having the thing's already on hand to build it!

I added a touch of lavender baling along with crystals :)

The drapes, shears and curtain rod's all came from the dollar store,
the teal throw and also 2 pic's came from the dollar store.
She did have the zebra chest, a Christmas gift from long ago.
the Hanging wheal picture frame, was this years Christmas gift.

(The link to that post is below :)

I think the end result...on this budget makeover, says's Mom and Dad's space!
The end table to the left...well its a card board box, with a sheet over it, and a brick inside to Keep
it sturdy! (this came from what I did, when we had our young family and very little money :)
until we can find some very thrifty end table's!

Loved this paint! it really turned the lamps into something
Total cost? right under $100!!!

Happy Birthday pretty lil momma!
the love you show your children..shines in who they are!


  1. Oh Peggy Sue,
    I am stunned and awe-struck by this post. Each picture is just delicious and tells such a story. I LOVE the placement of the bed in the corner, the bronze textured paint on the lamps giving off such a glow, the inventive and brick anchored side table, the gently swirling design on the curtains. How welcoming! What a precious gift to your amazing family, a creative and warm space that speaks to the heart! A birthday present that says...I know you and love you. You can be seen here and known here and have a cozy space in which to take care of each other.

    Peggy Sue, your huge heart radiates as Mom and Grandma. Your love so genuine for these babes of yours.

    I simply cannot get over the photo of that gorgeous baby, your grandson, with the kisses all over him. That may be one of my favorite photographs of all time. It made me smile and giggle.

    What a joy it was for me to see the faces of a few of the loves of your life. They are precious and so are you, my dear friend.
    God Bless!
    Love, Linda

  2. Thank you Linda...very humbly thank you! My children, grandchildren, siblings and friends etc..mean the world to me! His parents and big sister loved kissing his lil bode to make that Valentine pic! lol
    I think you are quiet amazing just being who you are! love to you :)


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