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Friday, April 25, 2014

A blog post from "Live every day like it's your last"

Today I stumbled across Linda's post...
her blog...
'Live every day like it's your last'
She writes about just those kind of thing's...
and I wanted to share her...

(this is not my picture) 

To read her blog post...then scroll down and read some of her older post's...
and become a me :)
Thanks Linda...
your post make me smile! 


  1. Oh I can't wait to go and catch up! I have to figure out a way to get her in a reader so I can see her updates like yours :) Hugs to you friend- so glad you took the time to do this for our dear friend Linda- she is a treasure- just like you, friend :)

  2. Oh my dear friend, Peggy Sue,
    There are tears streaming down my face after listening to "Amazing Grace" sung by an angel. Isn't she a precious little girl and I am so, so sad that she lost her Mommy to cancer at such a young age. Her voice, in all of its elegant simplicity, touches my heart so deeply. Thank you, thank you for sending this my way.

    Peggy Sue, there are no words to thank you enough for your friendship and steadfast encouragement. I am so glad that my post about my beloved Bert made you smile. Your posts put a smile on my face as well. And that photograph is so right on. May God be glorified in all that I say and do. I hope the "life lessons" I write about may be helpful in some way to my family, my precious grand babies, or others who might read those words. It helps me to write them as I can sort out what is going on in my mind and heart.

    And thank you so much for all of your precious posts that teach me so much, about the heart and soul of who you are and what really matters.

    I am grateful to God that he brought us together as friends!
    Love you to the moon and back!

  3. Vicky, I also miss some of Linda's post..but I have taught myself to check ha ha ha...I have her in blogs I love but I am not sure what a 'fee' means! Linda, I think more people read your post then you realize....!!! I love them because they are real and say what my heart feels and what I can't put into words like you do. You and Vicky both inspire me...and so going to your blogs makes my day be put in more perspective and well....Does me the world of good. Both of you, have a talent and I think your blogs and what you a story of who you are. Funny I created my blog to be the designer, decorator before and after pic's and yet it seems my own blog is all over the place and not quiet was I exspected it to be! You both have a beautiful weekend. Love to both!

  4. I ment 'Feed' seems my brain is always going to fast to edit correctly :)

  5. Loves to you too, dear Peggy Sue. Thank you for your kind words. You are such a blessing.
    Love Linda


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