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Monday, April 14, 2014

The beautiful Vintage Mess, that will turn into 'THE DRESS'

This is only part of the wonderful beautiful Mess...that will
be turned into a "one of a kind Wedding dress"

This is only, the second one I have done, and its far more complicated
and beautiful then the simple one I did...
For 'ME'
(that was 1 1/2 years ago)

1 1/2 years ago. I found this Vintage 1940's slip dress!
I tend to be all shoulders and chest..leaner through the hips and leggy!
For me, adding volume to my hip's
Makes me look more proportional...
So when I saw this! I new it would work for my figure type :)

I found another vintage dress and used those embellishments, among others I had.
I work with Most real vintage! some reproduction vintage,
and some 'New' embellishments.

My husband and I, were renewing our vow's...and even tho
I had a dress..(something he had gotten me for a Christmas several years ago )...the perfect
gypsy Peggy-Sue dress. It was to fancy for our simple family only, renewal.

It was Summer time,,and hot and humid in the Midwest :)

So this dress was perfect..and with Boot's
so 'comfortable'

I was so worried...
could I pull off this style?
I wasn't a spring chick anymore...
I was 48 yrs old

I felt beautiful, in my one of a kind Dress
and that is how..every Bride...
should feel...

Even with the hat on..(just for these pic's BTW)
I felt...pretty, ..and usually
that is not something I feel...because
gravity, mother nature, time, tiredness..etc
catches up to us all.

But it really wasn't the dress...that made me feel beautiful...
The dress...showed my feeling's, romantic, girly,
PINK and me in it...the proverbial TOM-BOY!

I think, when a woman feels's radiates, sparkles and shines
and she wears it well..It's in her eyes, her smile, how she carries herself
and that is what Makes every 'BRIDE' so beautiful!

There is a reason, we renewed our vows in 2012... My mom was still here,
she is standing next to me in this pic. and my husbands parents are standing
next to him. and then there are our kids and 4 grandchildren

Here we are...many moons ago! with Our five!
see the  beautiful lil chunky girl on the far right...
It's her Birthday today!!!
(I always get so Nostalgic for the old family pic's)

And here we are with our 5 
the girl 3rd from the today's Birthday girl :)
(Happy Happy Birthday baby girl, love you to the moon and back..
and then SUM!)
The age range on our kids? they are 22-29 :)

Here is the Main lace for the dress I am working on now.
A 1940's-1950's wedding dress.
I am the Maid on Honor for this Bride.
her wedding is in July :)
and I wanted her to have the perfect perfect gown for her!
this one is testing me..but is turning out so pretty

This is a sneak the front left side, skirt part of her gown!
Chiffon panels inserted into the lace..but this is the peak a boo side...
with a gorgeous lace with lite yellow flowers, a white Vintage handkerchief, and 
a wonderful reproduction vintage heart broach.

I want her to feel beautiful in the gown...
that will show, how LOVED she feels
and she is not a young bride!
not a old bride...
a Bride, who's dreams finally came true.
her very first wedding...
at age 39!
and I am so Happy for her!  


  1. Oh Peggy Sue,
    First, I have tears streaming down my face as I just listened to Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill singing "How Great Thou Art!" Thank you so much for sending that my way. What a blessing to my spirit. I think I'll try to add it to my blog post. :)

    And now, oh my stars, I LOVE all of your pictures, the old and the new...and you in that dress you made...absolutely STUNNING. The dress and the gorgeous woman wearing it with a heart of gold.

    Your heart and love is so apparent. Jesus shining through your smile. And on top of that..
    one of your baby girls is having a birthday and you are making a wedding dress for a friend.

    Well can I just hear a HUGE Amen...what fun to see the talents the Lord has bestowed on you and how generous you are with those gifts!!!

    I LOVE your vintage look and how you weave vintage into the charming things you make.
    You are such a gift, dear friend, and I am blessed to know you and get to share a part of your life.

    God Bless!
    Love and prayers...

  2. Linda, I dont think you realize that the way you Vicky, inspires and changes people. that you have a gift of making other's feel accepted and loved..just in how you write. In other words... "you lift me up" is there anything greater??? thank you so much! Love to you on this beautiful tuesday :)


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