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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The one of a kind 'Vintage' wedding gown

It is finished...and just in the nick of time..because tomorrow is moving day...
Did it turn out like I expected? I pictured it in my head..with slight/ better changes

All the lace came from this 1950's Vintage dress...
there is just something about vintage lace...
it is timeless, romantic, gorgeous..

And the result's is this one of a kind gown!
 since this is a custom dress.
I made the hips on my mannequin the size of the brides,
so you could see the fit and panels.  I however could not get the top the same picture all this, with a lil more hour glass figure :)

I am so excited, And so nervous....the dress is in the mail. Due to arrive tomorrow
will it fit? will she love it?
Its Her wedding dress...
that is a 'HUGE' thing
(and when you have worked on something..after it good enough?)

The lil rosette's were one of the changes, but when I placed them on this bustier top...
oh my..the dress became romantic...Nothing else came close

The dress is for my Husbands cousin. She has more the J-lo type figure.
and all the dress's she looked at..either the top worked, but not the bottom..or visa verse...
could she find one that was perfect...YES...
but that would also cost a pretty penny...
 We wanted a slight drop waist, to create that curve, a bustier top,
to help make her look more proportional

Some of the dress's she liked had cascading embellishments
like the two appliques you see here

Some of the dress's she liked had inserts and peak- a-boo's

(there looks to be a stain on this pic...there isn't :)
This is a 1920's vintage handkerchief with a reproduction Vintage broach
on a chiffon panel.

And in this Broach is....something blue!

She allowed she didn't mind some color.
her color's are Regency purple, cobalt blue and Sunflowers :)
so I went with just a touch of yellow :)

She wanted a Ty back...and fell in love with this angled layer..(it's in that same
gorgeous fabric with hints of yellow...
and when her 'Booty' is in will do the back justice :)
that and the right slip!!!

That concept came from this pic she loved

But on her...this style would of made her lower half look much
bigger then desired... 

The back of the dress will have she has to fit this first...
the result's to what we decide on you will see
when I post her wedding pic's...of course,
that would mean, the dress fit and she LOVED it :)
she is under NO obligation to choose this one.

When she asked me to be her maid/matron of honor...
tears ran down my face, she simply said, " I don't want anyone else
standing next to me"...I was speechless.
I wasn't planning on making a dress...
but as Matron of honor..I am in the thick of this wedding..
and in my mind..I saw this dress..the dress that would look like
a million bucks on her!
you never want people walking away saying..."wow what a gorgeous dress"
you want them to say, "what a gorgeous bride".
The dress bringing out...the beauty in the bride :)

I pray I have succeeded ..for is a gift from my heart! 

This is the bride to be...and her future Mr.
Just love her!!!

And then...I just had to make a Mini me dress,
for a very special lil flower girl...

And I used the other half of the 1920's vintage handkerchief :)
and all the left overs...

The Bride and Mini bride :)
Because you see...

The mini the daughter..she was told, she could never have!!! 
I have known this beautiful Bride to be..since she was 17. Well actually a few months before
she turned 17, if we were to get technical lol.
Life's journey had is hard moment's...
But at 39...all her dreams are coming true...
dreams she thought would never be...
And that is why, I want this to be everything for her...everything a Bride dreams off!!!

And then...well I had to make the ring bearer pillow
8 x 8
It's a country summer wedding.. in July!

Even though we became family, because I married her cousin...
we became much more...
the gift going both way's
she is the little sister...I never had :)

and as she walks down that Isle this song will be sung...

And this Matron of honor...will be standing there...
and I know without a doubt...
there will only be a puddle left...
were I should be...
a puddle of happy happy tears!!!

( see the end results and the link below
The vintage wedding


  1. Oh Peggy Sue,
    This dress is an act of love and ABSOLUTELY.STUNNING!! I held my breath as I looked at all the details. It is at once romantic, vintage, personal, totally unique, one-of-a kind, breathtaking, gorgeous. You, my sweet friend, are such a gifted seamstress. She will love t! And the pillow and flower girl dress...I am speechless at the time and gift and love. And all right before you move. Your "little sis"..and that song..tears streaming! What a dear, dear person you are...brimming love, His love streaming from you to all you touch.

    I am just so proud of you that I can't stop grinning!!!
    God Bless!
    Love you!

  2. And you made that… holy canoli! I'm with Linda- stunning, breathtaking, simply beautiful!! The amount of detail, the amount of time and talent you've put into this is going to make her cry when she first puts this on. I can't wait to see- all the way until July we have to wait? Oh my… how exciting!!

  3. Hi Peggy Sue,
    It's May 1st and your moving day! Know you are in my thoughts and prayers for strength and energy. How exciting! Your new home, sweet friend!
    Love Linda

  4. Thanks Linda, cleaning scrubbing and cleaning some more..but we are finding so many things we hadn't seen..i know without a doubt..this home...was 'Ment to be'.....

  5. Dearest Peggy Sue,
    As Mother's Day approaches, you are on my mind and in my heart. When you lose your Mom, and we both have, Mother's Day is a great joy and a great sadness. I recently wrote a blog post that was a letter to my two daughters and talked about how much I will always miss my Mom. There is a huge hole, no matter how close our relationship was.I thought of you losing your Mom as i was writing it.

    I imagine that you are still swamped from moving (and i hope that is going well!), but I wanted you to know that you have been in my prayers this week as Mother's Day approaches.
    God Bless, sweet friend
    Love, Linda

  6. Oh Linda, your timming.. perfect! bless you! i did read your post..and I posted but for some reason it would NOT go..after several attempts I gave up...and was planning to catch up later. it was so real and beautiful! I am going 100mph and just posting my new post took more time then I really have. I hope you have a beautiful mothers Day. I will catch up with you later! much love to beautiful you!


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