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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My dream ride

It may seem strange to some,
but I want a old pickup someday!
just for me!
it doesn't have to have AC!
cuzz I love to drive with the windows down :)

I want to take it, on old country dirt roads,
with the music playing as loud as I want...

for it is in those moment's... I find great peace,
and contentment in life!

this link will take you to a fun song.... 
yep that is me :)


  1. Wouldn't this just be a hoot to ride around in? We found a red one covered in snow once and did an impromptu Christmas photo by it and people loved it!

  2. Hi Peggy Sue,
    What a perfect truck for a vintage gaal who loves things that have soul and
    a personality. I can just visualize you, windows down, listening to Tim McGraw. Fun Song!
    Sending you hugs and loves,

  3. oh oh oh..and look here you two are again! I bet your Christmas pic was amazing Vicky! Old things do make me smile Linda.... :)


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