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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Vintage Grand babies :)

We close on our Home May 1st! I have been collecting thing's for
the grand baby room!... I saw some of these Vintage Northern bath tissue
prints..and they reminded me of my Grand babies :)
This was the first one I found...

And it reminded me of this Lil Angel :)

then I found this one...

 And  it reminded me of....

of this Lil Angel :)
Next in line was our oldest Grandson...

This print was sooooo Him :)

The most expressive lil face in the world :)

and then we came to our oldest grand baby...but only one pic worked...

And this pic..reminded me of her, when she was a baby...

This pic is poor due to is being a paper copy and pic taken with a cell
phone that doesn't take good pic's.

so I have only one more to find for now...

one that will fit the personality and look of our 
youngest grandson...

It was getting the last picture...that I told the woman,
they remind me of my grand babies... she said, "well you must have very
cute grand babies then"...I thought for a moment...
grinned and simply said, 'YES I DO" 

and I also got them....

A lil vintage kitchen!
can you tell this Nana is excited???


  1. Oh my gosh, Peggy Sue,
    Each of those charming vintage prints is the "spittin" image" (as my grandma used to say)
    of one of your sweet grandbabies. It's almost as if they posed for the drawings. Ever so cute and a perfect addition to the grandbabies' room! Totally precious!

    And that little vintage kitchen, I am in love with it! They will have hours and hours of memory-making moments playing with that. I am so thrilled for you that May 1st is right around the corner. You will be in my prayers that the closing goes smoothly.

    Loves from this Nana to you as a Nana :)

  2. Oh goodness- yes! Such cute paintings and I do believe they look like the actual grandchildren. I wonder how they will think of these? Will they see themselves? I'm so excited for you and this new adventure! The kitchen too- how fun for them all. I have such warmth in my heart after seeing these pics- blessings and love to you Peggy Sue!

  3. Growing up, My mom has a big chalk picture from her was a gypsy woman holding her gypsy daughter...for many years I thought it was my mom and sister, due to there long dark hair :) My sister even thought it was our mom and her...I still have that painting/ chalk art. My mom gave it to me about 12 years ago...I think they will think it is them...and someday that will be a memory they take with them...these prints are 11 x 14... Just something fun! :) love to both you ladies :)


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