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Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial day Story of Love and Sacrifice

In some way's I have always considered myself
because I was NOT born in the USA
it made me always appreciate it so much more!
to often, people complain...
not realizing the 'GIFT' of 
being here, living here!
we have more freedom's
then anywhere else!

Much more and we fight for those...
and the sacrifice for some are so great...
today I wanted to share this story...

I wrote a song..about the ones left behind
that sacrifice also....
but I don't have it downloaded to YouTube yet!
always remember to be and American...
to be here, right now..despite the political
we are above all..
most humbly blessed!
love and never forget!!!  

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness, Peggy Sue, tears are flowing down my cheeks with this Memorial Day Story. How many women and families made the ultimate sacrifice, and this woman over and over again. I loved that the old soldiers gave her a salute as she left. I agree, that many of us who were born here don't fully appreciate the "price" it has taken to be free.

    Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing this story. I will pass it on.
    Loves and hugs and prayers!


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