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Saturday, May 10, 2014

A peak of the farm grounds..and precious meant to be moments

There are no words..none that truly fit the emotions going on inside me!
How could this Be?
How did I get so lucky?
Did I deserve this blessing?

We do not have buyers remorse...we have utter, Buyers Delight!

As I was washing one of the upstairs dormer windows... this was my view...
and I ran to get my camera... how could one NOT love this view???

And this was our view on May 2nd, When my husband sat next to me on the front
steps and said, "Happy's been 22 years!" 
Not the Anniversary of when we got married,
but the anniversary of the day we met...
Because you see the day we met..was a meant to be moment...
and we spoke of dreams...
and having simple things...
and I spoke and said, "I have a dream of having a home someday on 20 acres"
22 years later..sitting on the steps..of a dream...
and YET I was not looking for this dream...
It found me.
how could that be?

This whole journey..I struggled with 'Wants' and 'needs'...
I didn't want my wants to destroy my needs!
Land was the simple need!
But there is so much about this home..we didn't know...there Realtor never pointed it out.
Our realtor never pointed it out...maybe they didn't know.
I did not see it on paper work...
and for whatever reason, I did not see it when looking at the home.
Maybe it was the way things were arranged in here...
maybe it was somethings just taken for granted after loving the home for 38 years.
Or maybe
just maybe...
It was meant to be...

The day before closing...I did realize the doorknobs were very unique and had
quality! that for this time period this was a very big upgrade...
I did see that the lighting in the downstairs hallway
was beautiful sconce lighting...

 But all the rest was discovered 'AFTER' we closed on this home.
In washing the window's I was thrilled beyond thrilled!
double pain vinyl...were both windows flip down so that I can wash both inside and outside,
standing comfortably in one spot...Inside!!! 
I Grew up washing windows. My mom was Dutch!
I took the bucket and soapy water and tackled the outside,
my sister tackled the inside.

As a teen, my best friend and I washed window's for extra money.
we could be seen riding our bikes,
with our bucket of goods!
I once again did outside, and she did inside (her mom was also a clean window
fanatic)... I sat here in awe, thinking to myself, "oh Mom, we have missed out all these years...all homes
should have these kind of makes everything so much easier! You would of loved these

We did see, were on the listing it said, this lil house could be a office  or playhouse...
but it looked like a storage shed...
But it isn't..,It's guest room, with wonderful hardwood floors,
finished with AC and heat... I always wanted a lil separate detached building to turn into 
a hide a way. a tranquil spot, to well..."Just Be"
oh the vision's of this fun space...that are going on in my head...
I am so excited, so thrilled!

My husband was calling this 'The farm" and look what I found on the front door!!!
(another thing we hadn't seen, and solid brass!)
It's official now, welcome to Our home "Owl creek farm!
and yet, Our one lil grand daughter was right...
this is a mini castle inside :) 

I had no clue, that sconce's also existed in all the room's upstairs...
In the dinning room, beautiful solid brass sconce's...just like when Belle from beauty and the beast,
walks the castle hallways with her candle in hand.
I didn't know, that the knobs on the built in's were solid brass,
or that underneath the different types of window treatment brackets and hanger's,
were the simplest, most beautiful solid brass curtain rodes..
or that in the lil half bath tucked under the stairs all the solid brass towel and toilet paper holders
have lions heads!!! (only a mini castle has these :)

We did not know, that one fireplace has Marble with the beautiful wood mantel!
we did not know that the other fireplace have some antique like Cape code
dial's and weather barometers on it.
I did not realize that the built in's in the one area of the living room...
was a library...with shelving and cupboards going all the way to the ceiling...
and once again  ..Like Belle in the library.we may need a ladder to explore the top books
that will be put there...and I always wanted a library for my books...
but to me, that could never happen, because that was a expense that was not a need..
and yet, I have a library den area...that I love!

We discovered a laundry shoot to the basement, from the master bathroom...
how fun is that?
and next to my husbands side of the bed, a old, not working, intercom system!
when he discovered this, he leaned forward and said, " Baxter, we would like to have tea in the parlor
in 20 minutes"... he said it in that Voice of 'the priveledged' and I rolled on
the bed laughing... we keep discovery..quality in a old world charm way!
Unique cupboards in the kitchen! Built in dressers that were nicer then we ever thought!
how could this be?

Then the other night, I unwrapped my scrubbing and unpacking..I sat still,
the moment beyond what I can truly put into words
for you was a cross stitch my mother had made!

In 2006, 2007 I went to my mom's home..i saw this in her sewing room. I LOVED it, but it was only
half way done...teasing her, knowing the amount of work that is put into a 
truly detailed cross stitch..I simply grinned and said,
"Oh are you making that for me?"
My mom's eyes got all big and round and she said,
'Oh Schajte, I have been working on that for years, I love it too!"
I am not sure when she finished it..maybe 5 years ago...maybe less, maybe a bit more...
But she hung it in her bedroom.
She new I loved it, and told me, "you can have that if something ever happens to me"
After her service, all 6 of us kids took turns picking something out...this was the first
thing I picked!
Last summer, as my mom was dying, she also new, I was looking for a home.
she wanted to see it, she wanted to know, what I would find...
but she never got to see it....
so I opend this, forgetting the details of this beautiful cross stitch...
and there starring back at me,
was a strong resemblance to this home...

"Mom, it was mine all along, you were working on my home...
all these saw it in each stitch you made..."
Thank you Mom!
I love you!
I miss you!
Happy Mother's Day!

I may not know all the reason's why...But I do know without a doubt
the wait, the timing, the homes that slid through our fingers...
had a purpose, a reason...
because we are now..were we were meant to be...
all along...
I feel so truly blessed!

Happy mother's Day to all you beautiful mothers out there!
may it be joyous and full of love...
and to the woman we bought this home from...
I cant put into much I love it! how it fits a dream,
that I thought would never be...
Thank you!   


  1. I feel so utterly blessed to visit your new home! Your dream home that has left me dreaming too :) So beautiful- and all the details everywhere. It does truly seem meant to be! I wish you much happiness this Mother's Day and think all of this is so well deserved!!

  2. Oh Peggy Sue,
    I am breathless as you describe each room and each amazingly unique detail! Brass here,
    shelves there. A small guest get-away with hardwood floors. Your heart's desire...the view,
    the 20 acres. I especially loved hearing about the windows that are so easy to wash (and you are a window washing pro, my friend! :) ) I loved the photograph of the lights in the windows at
    night, your view through the sturdy tree trunks...this IS your dream come true.

    And to top it all off, the detailed cross stitch your Momma made, almost as if she dreamed and saw the home you were supposed to have. Owl Creek Farm...I am SO, SO thrilled for you.
    Thank you, my sweet friend, for the photographs and your heart-felt tour. I can't wait to hear more.

    My heart wants to say, Yes, Peggy Sue, God is good ALL the time!
    Love you and God Bless! And Happy Mother's Day!

  3. I am SO beyond happy for you!!! What a dream come true! I loved the story about the windows, and I would LOVE that little getaway studio house! Enjoy your new home!


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